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“Humpback Whales Pass Their Songs Across Oceans”
By Carl Zimmer
New York Times
August 30, 2022

We humans need to open our minds to the personhood of nonhuman animals”
By Daniel P. Horan
National Catholic Reporter
June 29, 2022

Earth Jurisprudence – Law for an Animate Earth”
By Carlotta Byrne
June 4, 2020

The Earth Is Just as Alive as You Are”
By Ferris Jabr
New York Times
April 20, 2019

The Passamaquoddy Reclaim Their Culture Through Digital Repatriation”
By E. Tammy Kim
The New Yorker
January 30, 2019

‘The Revolutionary Genius of Plants’ Review: Thinking Like a Flower”
By Gerard Helferich
Wall Street Journal
January 4, 2019

The spellbinding power of reading nature’s ‘lost’ words aloud”
By Lila MacLellan
December 18, 2018

">“Flood Control Is Art in Salt Lake City: Contributing Artist
Patricia Johanson Designs Visionary Infrastructure”

Honoring The Future
November 5, 2018

“Watch Plants Light Up When They Get Attacked”
By JoAnna Klein
New York Times
September 13, 2018

">“Can a Chameleon Grieve?”
By Lynn Hunt
New York Review of Books
May 10, 2018

“The Sight of Sound”
By James Nesto
Emergence Magazine (Issue no. 3)

A Sentient Universe.”
By Everett Gendler
Parabola (32, no. 3): 88-94.
Fall 2007