Fratelli Tutti

On October 3, 2020, Pope Francis released a new encyclical in Assisi for the Feast of St. Francis. The title, “Fratelli Tutti,” can be translated as “Brothers and Sisters, All.” It highlights the theme of friendship and kinship, calling for peace and harmony among all peoples, religions, and nations. An article in the National Catholic Reporter notes: “Laying out a comprehensive vision for how the world should change after the coronavirus pandemic, Pope Francis imagines societies that are more caring, more focused on helping those in need and fundamentally less attached to the principles of market capitalism.” We trust it will have widespread influence around the world, as has Laudato Si' (Praise Be!: On Care for our Common Home) issued by the Pope in 2015.


Go here to read the full text of Fratelli Tutti on the Vatican site.


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Fratelli Tutti
Global Georgetown, Georgetown University
October 5, 2020

On Monday, October 5, Georgetown University’s Initiative on Catholic Social Thought and Public Life hosted a virtual Dahlgren Dialogue on the themes of the encyclical and Pope Francis’ call to recognize that we are all brothers and sisters at a time of a global pandemic, economic crises, and a United States presidential election. This Dahlgren Dialogue began and ended with prayer from Dahlgren Chapel at Georgetown. A distinguished group of leaders outlined the major elements of the encyclical and discussed its implications and applications in this moment of multiple crises. These leaders addressed: What are the central themes of Fratelli Tutti? Why did Pope Francis choose this time and this topic for his new encyclical? Why is it called Fratelli Tutti, and why is that title generating controversy? What are its implications in a global pandemic and economic crisis? What are its applications in the United States, particularly a month before a major presidential election?

FORE Spotlights ~ Episode 5, Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim, Yale University
In this episode of Spotlights, Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim talk with the host (Sam Mickey) about the new encyclical from Pope Francis, Fratelli Tutti. They provide historical, religious, and ecological context for understanding what this encyclical means and how it is relevant for efforts to create a more loving, just, and open world.



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