Here is a repository of news articles related to the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology.

Some articles are directly about the Forum itself, while others quote our founders, Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim, or cite the work and legacy of the Forum.


Waterspirit Celebrates 25 Years Of Spirituality, Ecology: Rumson.” By Pat McDaniel. Patch. May 31, 2023.

A Field of Study and a Moral Force.” By Wayne D’Orio. Yale School of the Environment. May 16, 2023.

Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology is Coming to YCEJ!” Yale Center for Environmental Justice Newsletter. May 10, 2023.

Can the World’s Religions Help Save Us from Ecological Peril?” By Paul Hond. Columbia Magazine. Winter 2022-23.

Demythicizing the Myth of Economism:Common Good Part Four.” By Ted Peters. Public Theology. August 29, 2022.

The Walk Along Prospect Street.” By Gavin Guerrette. Yale News. May 31, 2022.

How do cosmology and Confucianism resonate?” By Mary Evelyn Tucker. Special: W.E. Talk. ECNS Wire. March 11, 2022.

Every Major Faith Tradition has the Resources to Tackle Climate Change.” By Bill McKibben. Sojourners. March 2022. 

Entering Tree Time: Notes On Trees.” By Jess Jones. Yale Forest Forum. February 22, 2022. 

Can religion and faith combat eco-despair?” By Rita Sherma. The Conversation. February 17, 2022.

Yale hosts free online courses on intersection of religion and ecology.” By Gavin Guerrette. Yale News. January 27, 2022.

Environmental Justice Finds a Home at Trinity: Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker ’71 and Class of 1971 Provide Start-up Funding for New Academic Program.” Pres. McGuire’s Christmas Newsletter. Trinity Washington University. December 1, 2021.

Professor William Jennings highlighted for work tying together race, religion and the environment.” By Gavin Guerrette. Yale News. November 16, 2021.

World’s Largest Interfaith Organizations, Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology, UNEP, Join Forces For Climate Change.” By United Religions Initiative. EIN Presswire. August 16, 2021.

For some evangelical Christians, climate action is a God-given mandate.” By David Geselbracht. Grist. June 23, 2021.

Cosmos as Home: Evolution as Context.” By Mary Evelyn Tucker. Center for Humans & Nature. June 10, 2021.

Sara Thomsen, David Abram and more help kick off Prairiewoods’ 25th anniversary year with a weekend conference.” By Daniel Boscaljon. Little Village. April 29, 2021.

Can faith leaders shift public opinion toward climate action?” By Brian H. Smith. EarthBeat. April 26, 2021.

Faith for Earth: A Call for Action.” World Environment Day. April 23, 2021.

Evolutionary living through mutual mentoring.” By Judith Best. Global Sisters Report. April 19, 2021.

10 years later, ‘Journey of the Universe’ film more relevant, urgent than ever.” By Brian Roewe. EarthBeat. April 9, 2021.

Dispatches from the Rhodian Shore: A (Tough) Love Letter io Religious Studies.” By Todd Levasseur. Religion Dispatches. February 10, 2021.

Climate crisis, COVID-19 demand interfaith action, say religious leaders.” National Catholic Reporter Online. Brian Roewe. November 6, 2020.

It's been 5 years since Pope Francis sounded alarm on climate change – did Tennessee Catholics listen?” James Bruggers. Knox News. October 1, 2020.

Review: The intersection of ecology and theology.” Christiana Zenner. America: The Jesuit Review. September 18, 2020. Also appeared in the October 2020 print edition under the title “A Pervasive Legacy.”

Forming a “More Perfect Union” Through Indigenous Values.” Sandy Bigtree and Philip P. Arnold. Orion Magazine. September 17, 2020.

INTEGRAL ECOLOGY: Telling the Universe Story based on the New Cosmology.” Fr. Reynaldo D. Raluto. Minda News. September 5, 2020.

Five Years After Speaking Out on Climate Change, Pope Francis Sounds an Urgent Alarm.” James Bruggers. Inside Climate News. August 7, 2020.

World Environment Day 2020: Here’s what we can do for nature.” Igor Todorović. Balkan Green Energy News. June 4, 2020.

“Here's what to expect for Laudato Si' Week as pope's ecology document turns five.” Brian Roewe. National Catholic Reporter: EarthBeat. May 15, 2020

Parliament Partner Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology Launches New Website.” Joshua Basofin. Parliament of the World’s Religions. May 6, 2020.

Forum on Religion and Ecology Launches Partnership with UN Environment Programme.Yale School of the Environment Online.  May 4, 2020.

Faith-based organizations can help the transition to a more sustainable post-COVID-19 world.United Nations Environment Programme Online.  May 4, 2020.

Yale offers variety of religious views on climate system change.Susan Barreto. Covalence Magazine (Lutheran Alliance for Faith, Science and Technology). April 13, 2020.

“Can religion fight climate change?” Urmi Chanda-Vaz. Mint. February 24, 2020.

Cosmology for a beginner.Lorraine Villemarie. Global Sisters Report–A Project of the National Catholic Reporter. January 8, 2020.

New biography of Thomas Berry reasserts importance of his work.” Marian Ronan. National Catholic Reporter. January 1, 2020.

Trevor Hancock: Faith in a sustainable future is vital.” . Times Colonist. December 29, 2019.

NEW BOOK: Rooted and Rising – Voices of Courage in a Time of Climate Crisis. Patheos. November 22, 2019.

Pursuing Thomas Berry's 'New Story' with an eye on climate change.” Jesse Remedios. National Catholic Reporter. November 6, 2019.

At the frontline: Princeton Environmental Forum addresses climate crises. Denise Valenti and Tom Garlinghouse. Princeton News. October 30, 2019.

Religious leaders bring moral voice to climate change.” Doug Fraser. Cape Cod Times. October 20, 2019.

‘The dominant theological issue’: Environmentalist Bill McKibben wants your pastor at the global climate strike.Whitney Bauck. The Washington Post. September 19, 2019.

Interfaith leaders step up to protect the world’s ‘sacred’ rainforests.” Justin Catanoso. Mongabay. September 17, 2019.

Buddha Buzz Weekly: Looking Forward, Looking Back.” Karen Jensen and Matthew Abrahams. Tricycle: The Buddhist Review. August 10, 2019.

Pray and protect: faith saves forests of Cambodia.Rina Chandran. Reuters. July 28, 2019.

Pentecost and the language of spring.Judith Best. Global Sisters Report–A Project of the National Catholic Reporter. June 6, 2019.

Globalization and the church.” James Empereur. National Catholic Reporter. June 3, 2019.

Tucker and Grim Win Lifetime Achievement Award for Pioneering Impacts on Their Field.Yale School of the Environment Online. May 23, 2019.

YDS climate panel pushes past denial and despair.” Tom Krattenmaker. Yale Divinity News. March 14, 2019.

Hindu climate activists take lead on combating climate change.” Murali Balaji. YaleNews. February 15, 2019.

Can religion unite Americans?Celia Viggo Wexler. San Francisco Chronicle. November 19, 2018.

New Environmental Ethics: 20 Years of The Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology.” Allegra Lovejoy Wiprud. Yale School of the Environment Online. December 17, 2018.

Andi Lloyd, Biology Professor and Dean of Faculty, Leaving to Attend Divinity School.The Middlebury Campus–Middlebury College. November 15, 2018.

Forum on Religion and Ecology turns 20.” Kenniston Byron. Yale Divinity School Online. October 23, 2018.

Keeping the faith in conservation.” Anjana Vencatesan. Mongabay. September 20, 2018.

YDS playing lead role in theologically rooted sustainability.” Emily L. Judd. Yale Divinity News. August 6, 2018.

Religious leaders mobilize to protect indigenous people and forests.” Liz Kimbrough. Mongabay. May 2, 2018.

McKibben talks climate change.Chloe Glass. Yale Daily News. October 11, 2017.

New initiative explores how culture is intertwined with nature.Yale News. September 29, 2017.

Three winners of inaugural humanities grant competition announced.Yale News. June 30, 2017.

Religious and indigenous leaders urge better protection of forests.Alister Doyle. Reuters. June 19, 2017.

Summit to Explore Gene Technologies and Environmental Solutions.” Timothy Brown. Yale School of the Environment News. April 18, 2017.

John Grim on Standing Rock: ‘This is Not Only About Water, It’s All About Water’.” Timothy Brown. Yale School of the Environment Online. November 30, 2016.

Religion, ecology and our planetary future.” Francis X. Clooney, S.J. America: The Jesuit Review. October 28, 2016.

The Egg and I: Dominican community celebrates Mother Earth.Judith Best. Global Sisters Report–A Project of the National Catholic Reporter. October 26, 2016.

Online courses awaken beginners to unfolding universe story.” Sharon Abercrombie. National Catholic Reporter Online. September 20, 2016.

Online Courses on Cosmology and Ecology Offered as First Yale MOOC Specialization.” Kevin Dennehy. Yale School of the Environment News. August 30, 2016.

Charity Sr. Paula Gonzalez, 'the solar nun,' dies at age 83.” Sharon Abercrombie. National Catholic Reporter. August 9, 2016.

The Ecology of Religion.” Simon Appolloni and Heather Eaton. Alternatives Journal. July 2016.

F&ES Faculty Receives Award in Iran Recognizing Work in Religion and Ecology.” Timothy Brown.  Yale School of the Environment Online. June 27, 2016.

Laudato Si' Week renews awareness ahead of encyclical anniversary.” Brian Roewe. National Catholic Reporter. June 14, 2016.

A Radical Alliance of Black and Green Could Save the World. James Gustave Speth and J. Phillip Thompson III. The Nation. April 14, 2016.

An Evangelical Movement Takes On Climate Change. Tik Root. Newsweek. March 9, 2016. 

Coastal Sketch: Penny Hooper.” Brad Rich. Coastal Review Online. September 30, 2015.

 ”Pope Francis Is Just the Latest to Bridge the Gap Between Religion and Culture. Doug Herman. Smithsonian Magazine. September 25, 2015.

How Pope Francis helped awaken a deep religious tradition for care for the environment.” Mark Stoll. Washington Post. September 25, 2015.

The Power, and the Limits, of Pope Francis' Climate Message. Alan Neuhauser. U.S. News. September 22, 2015.

New E-book: China, the Environment, and Religion.Jon Sawyer and Jin Ding. Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting. September 18, 2015.

What Pope Francis Should Say In His Upcoming UN Address.YaleEnvironment360. September 15, 2015.

Many U.S. Catholics haven’t heard of Pope Francis’ climate push.James West. Grist. September 1, 2015.

Director of cosmological Sophia Center leaves behind 'seed-bearers of a new planetary civilization'.” Sharon Abercrombie. National Catholic Reporter. July 14, 2015.

Pope Francis and the Environment: Yale Examines Historic Climate Encyclical.Yale School of the Environment Online. June 18, 2015.

Pope Francis sounds the alarm on the environment and he wants everyone to listen.Matthew Bell. The World. June 18, 2015.

How to Read Pope Francis on the Environment: An Interview with Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim.Council of Foreign Relations Online. June 18, 2015.

How green is the man in white?June 13, 2015.

Buddhists Go to the White House.Hozan Alan Senauke. Lion's Roar. May 15, 2015.

Protecting the environment begins in the heart, says Buddhist leader.” Susan Gonzalez. Yale News. April 8, 2015.

Rothko Chapel presents Journey of the Universe, Film Screening and Dialogue.Rothko Chapel Online. March 26, 2015.

We Need to Relearn That We’re a Part of Nature, Not Separate From It.” Richard Schiffman. March 2, 2015 (Reprinted from Yes! Magazine).

Bigger Than Science, Bigger Than Religion.” Richard Schiffman. Yes! Magazine. February 18, 2015.

Take 5: Forum on Religion and Ecology co-director Mary Evelyn Tucker.” Susan Gonzalez. Yale News. January 16, 2015.

Competing to save the earth.” B.C. The Economist. December 19, 2014.

The Ecological Civilization Debate in China.Zhihe Wang, Huili He and Meijun Fan. Monthly Review. November 1, 2014.

Taking to the pulpit against climate change.” Gregg Zoroya. USA Today. July 15, 2014.

Indonesia's fatwa shows religious duty can be a route to sustainable behaviour.” Kathryn M. Werntz. The Guardian. March 24, 2014.

84-year-old nun who broke into Tennessee weapons plant awaits fate.Karen McVeigh. The Guardian. February 17, 2014.

“Tucker, Grim Honored for Linking 'Languages of Many Disciplines'.Yale School of the Environment Online. October 25, 2013.

Nuns With a New Creed: Environmentalism.Angela Evancie. The Atlantic. October 16, 2013.

Sufi teacher explores spiritual ecology in new anthology.“Sharon Abercrombie. National Catholic Reporter. July 17, 2013.

“World Renowned Scholar on Religion and Ecology Mary Evelyn Tucker to Visit Lawrence in Conjunction with 'Journey of the Universe' Film Screening.” University of Kansas Online. Wednesday, February 20, 2013.

Emerging Force on Climate Change: Religion, Ecology, Ethics, and Morality.” Lisa Palmer. Yale Climate Connections Online. November 30, 2012.

California college helps place humans in universe story.Sharon Abercrombie. National Catholic Reporter. November 11, 2011.

“'Journey Of The Universe:' The Challenge Of Telling Everybody's Story.” Ursula Goodenough. NPR. March 31, 2011.

A Nobel Peace Prize winner finds spiritual values in planting trees.Gregory M. Lamb. Christian Science Monitor. January 24, 2011.

Is the environment a moral dilemma?” Martha Shaw. CSR Wire. October 13, 2010.

Beyond Science Vs. Religion: Re-Enchanting the World.” Adam Frank. NPR. September 21, 2010.

Counting down to Copenhagen.Webwire.

Thomas Berry dies at 94; cultural historian became a leading thinker on religion and the environment.” Jon Thurber. Los Angeles Times. June 13, 2009.

Is Your ‘Ecology’ Deep or Shallow?” Andrew C. Revkin. New York Times: Dot Earth. January 16, 2009.

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A New Emphasis on the Nature of Religion.” Bill Broadway. Washington Post. Saturday, October 24, 1998; Page C09.

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“Earth’s Alarm Calls for Deeper Values,” Jane Lampman. The Christian Science Monitor. October 1, 1998.

Can Nature’s Lion Lie Down with Religion’s Lamb?” Jane Lampman. The Christian Science Monitor. October 1, 1998.

“Three-Year Harvard Project Calls on Religions to Help Solve Environmental Crisis.” United Nations Environment Programme.