News Articles

“On Climate: Grieve, Cry, But Don’t Give Up!”
By Margaret Klein Salamon. Common Dreams. May 17, 2023.
“Eco anxiety: what it is and how to deal with it”
By BBC Wildlife Magazine. May 15, 2023.
“Climate anxiety is more common than you think. These CU Boulder students want to help.”
By Conrad Swanson. The Denver Post. Greeley Tribune. May 15, 2023.
“I’m a Climate Psychologist, and These Are My Top 6 Tips for Coping With Tough Emotions About the Environment”
By Margaret Klein Salamon. Well and Good. April 22, 2023.

“Earth Day: Environmental anxiety - what it is and what can we do”
The Reading Agency. April 22, 2023.

“Jewish environmental organizations help Jews cope with ‘climate anxiety’”
By Ruben Brosbe. eJewish Philanthropy. April 21, 2023.

“Three Practices to Combat Climate Grief”
By Michael Kearney, Joanna Macy, Radhule Weininger, BJ Miller, and Balfour Mount. Tricycle. April 20, 2023.

“Climate Anxiety and Eco-Grief: How Climate Change Hurts Global Mental Health”
By Natasha Spencer-Jolliffe. Nonprofit Quarterly. April 20, 2023.

“From Eco-anxiety to Empowerment”
By Rebecca Libauskas. Item Live. April 19, 2023.

“10 Things to Watch, Listen to, and Read to Escape Your Climate Doomism”
By Tess Lowery. Global Citizen. April 18, 2023.

“Have Climate Anxiety? Try Out These 7 Resilience-Building Resources”
By Sarah Sloat. Inverse. April 17, 2023.

“UF students face environmental anxiety as threat of climate change looms”
By Ella Thompson. Alligator. April 17, 2023.

“How Community Activism Is Saving Me From My Climate Despair”
By Jessie Van Amburg. Well and Good. April 12, 2023.
“A Composer’s Prayers for the Earth, and Humanity, in the Age of Climate Change”
By Kiley Bense. Inside Climate News. April 8, 2023.
“Why climate grief is an essential for climate action”
By Benjamin Perry. The Revelator. March 31, 2023.
“‘Terrified for my future’: climate crisis takes heavy toll on young people’s mental health”
By Clea Skopeliti and Sammy Gecsoyler. The Guardian. March 30, 2023.
“This element is critical to human flourishing — yet missing from the news”
By Amanda Ripley. Washington Post. March 30, 2023.
“How Buddhism can inform climate activism: a conversation with Kritee Kanko”
By Nikayla Jefferson. Yale Climate Connnections. March 29, 2023.
“3 Ways Psychology Can Help to Reduce Climate Change”
By Patricia Lockwood and Jo Cutler. Psychology Today. March 27, 2023.
“Is ‘climate anxiety’ a clinical diagnosis? Should it be?”
By Fiona Charlson and Tara Crandon. The Conversation. March 27, 2023.
“Eco research aims to diminish climate anxiety”
Aldergrove Star. March 24, 2023.
“Climate change’s hidden threat: grief and trauma”
By Sarah Gibbens. National Geographic. March 24, 2023.
“Vancouver Island author Michael Christie on writing a global bestseller, eco anxiety and Canada Reads”
CBC. March 23, 2023.
“Can an Eco-Doula Help Us Cope with Climate Change?”
By Lauren Abunassar. LA Magazine. March 23, 2023.
“The Climate Anxiety Issue”
By Hannan Azmir and Marinel Mamac. Asian Scientist. March 23, 2023.
“Climate grief was clouding my time outside. So I turned to ecotherapy.”
By Erica Berry. Outside. March 21, 2023.
“Resources for Coping with Climate Anxiety”
Yale Sustainability. March 13, 2023.
“Yale Experts Explain Climate Anxiety”
By Anthony Leiserowitz and Sarah Lowe. Yale Sustainability. March 13, 2023.
“The app developer tackling her eco anxiety by reducing food waste, one meal at a time”
By Rebecca Wadey. Stuff. March 8, 2023.
“As climate changes, climate anxiety rises in youth”
By David Schechter, Haley Rush, Chance Horner. CBS News. March 2, 2023.
“When the climate crisis brings despair, I cultivate my inner connection to nature – and find hope”
By Claire Ratinon. The Guardian. March 1, 2023.
“Eco-Anxiety Motivates Puerto Rico Activists to Defend Environment”
By Carlos Edill Berríos Polanco. Latino Rebels. February 27, 2023.
“6 Podcasts to Help Tackle Your Climate Anxiety”
By Emma Dibdin. New York Times. February 23, 2023.
“Expert tips for coping with climate anxiety”
By Niamh Delmar. RTE. February 16, 2023.
“A world of hurt: Workshops aim to help federal employees cope with ‘ecogrief’”
By Stephen Dinan. The Washington Times. February 15, 2023.
“Eco-anxious? Here’s how Judaism can help us face the climate crisis”
By Rabbi Laura Bellows. J. The Jewish News of Northern California. January 27, 2023.
“Trees Please: Exploring The Nature Of Eco-Anxiety”
By Andrea Ferrari. News Of The Area. January 27, 2023.
“The Weather Station and UBC Contemporary Players’ soundtrack climate grief”
By Tova Gaster and Elena Massing. The Ubyssey. January 25, 2023.
“The Mental Health Toll of Climate Injustices”
By Sheri Levy. Psychology Today. January 20, 2023.
“Just Breathe, Okâwîmâwaskiy offers a unique performance experience on climate anxiety”
By Julieanne Acosta. The Gauntlet. January 19 2022.
“4 podcasts on climate anxiety and the environment in 2023”
By Aisiri Amin. Mint Lounge. January 5, 2023.
“Young artists process climate grief in new digital zine Solastalgia”
By Kaila Johnson. Ubyssey. December 21, 2022.
“‘The Grievers’ of Climate Change”
By Erica Hellerstein. Noema. December 15, 2022.
“Climate fear and anxiety on MDI inspired a movement poised to grow across Maine”
By Nicole Ogrysko. Maine Public. December 15, 2022.
“Researchers investigate the impact of climate change on mental health”
By Sharon Aschaiek. University Affairs. December 13, 2022.
“Finding the Antidote to Climate Anxiety in Stories About Taking Action”
By Kiley Bense. Inside Climate News. December 10, 2022.
“Mourning has broken: View expressions of ecological grief from around the world”
By Natasha Rego. MSN. December 9, 2022.
“Eleventh Hour: The role of the arts in overcoming climate anxiety”
By Climate Reality Project Philippines. Manila Bulletin. December 8, 2022.
“Climate anxiety to climate action: They made careers out of saving the planet”
By Vanessa Glavinskas. Environmental Defense Fund. December 7, 2022.
“Teens Are Struggling With Climate Anxiety. Schools Haven’t Caught Up Yet”
By Madeline Will. Education Week. December 7, 2022.
“Eco-anxiety: Worrying about climate change can be stressful but it can also help to spur us into action”
By Julia Shaw. Science Focus. November 28, 2022.
“Climate anxiety: prime motivator for climate action?”
The Bubble. November 25, 2022.
“What is eco-anxiety? The psychological condition triggered by climate crisis”
By Daphne Clarance. India Today. November 23, 2022.
“When Climate Anxiety Makes for Great Art”

By Jeff Turrentine. NRDC. November 15, 2022.
“Why Climate Grief is the Next Mental Health Crisis”
By Adrian Johansen. Green Queen. November 11, 2022.
“Eco-anxiety: how to cope at a time of climate crisis”
By Sacha Wright and Emily Osterloff. Natural History Museum. November 9, 2022.  
“Why the Climate Crisis Is Also a Mental Health Crisis”
By Kim Wong-Shing. CNET. November 8, 2022.
“COP27: Climate anxiety is rising - it might be a good thing”
By Georgina Rannard. BBC. November 5, 2022.
“Eco-anxiety: A looming mental health crisis”
By Liz McLaughlin. WRAL News. November 3, 2022.
“Guilt, Anxiety and Hope: The Lives of Young Climate Activists in India”
By Rashmi Mishra. Vice. November 1, 2022.
“Love in the time of climate crisis”
By Jessie Krahn. The Manitoban. November 1, 2022.
“Hope for an anxious generation”
By Ashiah Scharaga. Chico News & Review. November 1, 2022.
“UEA offering course to help students deal with ‘eco-anxiety’”
By Sam Russell and Ashlea Hickin. Norfolk Live. November 1, 2022.
“6 New Insights on Climate Change and Mental Health”
By Sebastian Ocklenburg. Psychology Today. October 30, 2022.
“Photos: Pakistan’s fishers submerged in ‘climate anxiety’”
By Maha Akbar. Aljazeera. October 28, 2022.
“How Climate Change is Affecting Mental Health”
By Simon Elstad. Greener Ideal. October 26, 2022.
“International collaborators to launch climate pastoral care course”
Religion News Service. October 20, 2022.
“Climate café for eco-anxious youth coming to Natural History Museum”
By Bea Mitchell. Blooloop. October 18, 2022.
“A Cookbook for Climate Resilience and Storytelling”
By Vikki Xu. 34th Street. October 18, 2022.
“Have Eco-Anxiety? Here’s What to Do”
By Renée Reardin. Best Health. October 17, 2022.
“Worried Earth: Eco-Anxiety and Entangled Grief”
University of Winnipeg. October 17, 2022.
“‘Many Young People Are Seized With Sadness, Anger’: In Toulouse, A Large School Is Launching Workshops On Eco-Anxiety”
By David Sadler. Globe world News Echo. October 13, 2022.
“How to tackle climate change anxiety in children”
Open Access Government. October 12, 2022.
“Hope for an anxious generation”
By Ashiah Scharaga. Chico News & Review. October 12, 2022.
“The Little Rituals That Keep Us Going”
By Dani Blum. New York Times. October 8, 2022.  
“Climate Anxiety Disorder? It’s More Likely Than You Think”
By Jordan A. Sanchez. The Harvard Crimson. October 7, 2022.  
“Climate anxiety is a normal response to an abnormal situation. Here’s what to do about it.”
By Laura Newberry. Los Angeles Times. October 4, 2022.
“How Two California Artists Can Help Personalize Your Eco-Grief”
By Dina Gachman. Smithsonian. October 4, 2022.
“How does climate change affect mental health?”
By Amberley Davis. Patient. September 29, 2022.
“Climate anxiety is affecting more & more people. Here’s how some doctors are trying to treat it”
By Mouhamad Rachini. CBC Radio. September 23, 2022.
“Dealing with dread: how virtual therapy can help people cope with eco-anxiety”
By Simon Lewsen. Toronto Star. September 14, 2022. 
“SU students, professors discuss mental health toll of climate change studies”
By Ethan Chanin. Daily Orange. September 11, 2022.
“A new campus offering: Climate anxiety therapy”
By Ta’Leah Van Sistine. Washington Post. September 12, 2022.  
“Stressed out about climate change? 4 ways to tackle both the feelings and the issues”
By Lisa Doggett. NPR. September 3, 2022.
“Climate anxiety an important driver for climate action, according to new study”
By University of Bath. September 2, 2022.
“The Land Mourns”
By Andi Lloyd. Christian Century. September 1, 2022.
“How Sound Can Help Soothe Eco-Anxiety”
By Daphne Chouliaraki Milner. Atmos. September 1, 2022
“Climate anxiety: 21 resources to energise you into action”
By Leah Das. Greenpeace. August 31, 2022.
“Edmonton climate activists use their ‘eco-grief’ as a tool for building communities”
By Anna Wdowczyk. CBC News. August 29, 2022.  
“Climate change is worsening youth mental health, research shows”
By M.A. Jacquemain. The Weather Network. August 28, 2022.
“Climate anxiety on the rise for a ‘planet in peril’ ”
By Eleanor Mannion. RTE. August 27, 2022.
“Overcoming climate anxiety, one step at a time”
By Marc Light. Australian Jewish News. August 26, 2022.
“‘I feel my heart breaking today’ – a climate scientist’s path through grief towards hope”
By Joelle Gergis. The Conversation. August 25, 2022.
“3 surprising ways to cope with climate change”
By Rebecca Ruiz. Mashable. May 22, 2022.
“What is a global polycrisis?”
By Scott Janzwood and Thomas Homer-Dixon. Cascade Institute. April 27, 2022.
“How can we help kids cope with ‘eco-anxiety’?”  
By Josie Glausiusz. BBC. April 22, 2022.
“5 Things That Can Alleviate Your Eco-Anxiety”
By Dekila Chungyalpa. Psychology Today. April 19, 2022. 
“The Unseen Toll of a Warming World”
By Sarah Kerr, Noah Throop, Jack Healy, Aidan Gardiner, and Rebecca Lieberman. New York Times. March 9, 2022.
“The best ways to teach and talk about climate change with kids”
By Mary Democker. Popular Science. February 23, 2022.
“Yale’s Happiness Professor Says Anxiety Is Destroying Her Students”
By David Marchese. New York Times. February 18, 2022.
“Can religion and faith combat eco-despair?”
By Rita Sherma. The Conversation. February 17, 2022.
“Climate Change Enters the Therapy Room”
By Ellen Barry. New York Times. February 6, 2022.
“Facing our Climate Feelings Together”
By Blair Nelsen. Earth & Altar. February 2, 2022.
“As COP26 gathers, faith-based environmentalists fight eco-grief”
By Elizabeth E. Evans. Religion News Service. EarthBeat. November 4, 2021.
“At 22, This Young Activist Has Found Ways To Channel Her Eco-Anxiety Into Action”
By Emily Chan. Vogue. November 1, 2021.
“Prioritizing Mental Wellness in Climate Change Education”
By Nicole Howard. Climate XChange. October 28, 2021.
“SCPN Spotlight: Jerilyn Lopez Mendoza on Climate Activism and Making Space for Self-Care”
By Kortni Washington. Climate XChange. October 27, 2021.
“How to Reduce Eco-Anxiety and Make Positive Change”
By Ilan Kelman. Psychology Today. October 25, 2021.
“Glacier Funerals Offer a Way of Coping with Ecological Grief”
By Sasha Starovoitov. Columbia Climate School. September 24, 2021.
“How to Help Kids with Eco-Anxiety When ‘Fire Season’ Is A Thing
By Brianne Hogan. She Knows. September 21, 2021.
“Specters of Sorrow: Eco-Grief, Ambiguous Loss, and Religious Creativity”
By Jacob J. Erickson. Counterpoint Knowledge. June 24, 2021.
“Living With Eco-Anxiety: Indians Tell Us About Their Climate Change-Induced Anxiety”
By Meghna Mathew. Homegrown. June 3, 2022.
“Why Emotionally Intelligent Climate Work Matters”
By Britt Wray. Gen Dread. January 6, 2021.
“COVID-19 Crisis Blog: Are we there yet? Beyond Apocalypse Fatigue and the New Normal”
By Jacob J. Erickson. Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin. May 26, 2020.
“A Climate Grief, Observed: Transforming Our Ecologies and Theologies of Magical Thinking”
By Jacob J. Erickson. Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs. April 16, 2020.
“Climate grief: How we mourn a changing planet”
By Panu Pihkala. BBC. April 2, 2020.
“So Your Kids Are Stressed Out About the Climate Crisis”
By Mary DeMocker. Sierra. January 25, 2020.
“How to Mourn a Glacier”
By Lacy M. Johnson. The New Yorker. October 20, 2019.
“The Rise of Eco-Anxiety”
By Lauren Dockett. Psychotherapy Networker. January/February 2019.



Header Image: Barão de Melgaço, Mato Grosso, Brazil, 2020; after a forest fire–almost half of the Encontro das Águas State Park is situated within Barão de Melgaço; Luzo Reis/Shutterstock