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Below you'll find the current year of news articles and blog posts related to eco-anxiety, climate grief, and solastalgia.
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“Montana Public Radio launches psychology climate crisis podcast”
Explore Big Sky. July 1. 2024.
“Ecophobia and Psychological Health: A Feminist Examination of The Impact Of Climate Change”
By Hridya Sharma. Feminism in India. June 27, 2024.
“It’s Time to Talk about Climate Anxiety”
By Jenny Shalant. Natural Resources Defense Council. June 25, 2024.
“The Complexity of Climate Change as a Determinant of Mental Health”
By Sophia Betrò, MD. Psychiatric Times. June 25, 2024.
“Three practical ways to address climate anxiety”
By Hanna Zagefka. The Conversation. June 17, 2024.

“Parenting in the Plasticene”
By Zoe Loftus-Farren. Earth Island. Summer 2024.
“Grief. What is it good for?”
By Chris Hatch. Zero Carbon. National Observer. June 14, 2024.
“How Then Shall We Live, When The World Is On Fire?”
By Ken Chitwood. Patheos. June 14, 2024.
“Teachers Are Introducing Young Learners to Climate Consciousness. Hope Is Key, They Say.”
By Emily Tate Sullivan. EdSurge. May 21, 2024.
“Easing youth eco-anxiety: Meet the winners of The Earth Prize 2024”
By Lindsey Jean Schueman. One Earth.
“Climate therapy”
By Elizabeth Hewitt. Rotary. May 2024.
“The American Climate Corps will get people into green jobs. Can it help their mental health too?”
By Kate Yoder. Grist. May 16, 2024.
“Climate change is affecting mental health literally everywhere”
By Daisy Simmons. EarthBeat. May 15, 2024.
“It is possible: Climate activism helps youth cope with climate anxiety”
By Melissa Auchard. Pepperdine University. April 25, 2024.
“How Plant Intelligence Can Soothe Climate Anxiety”
By David George Haskell. Scientific American. April 16, 2024.

“The rise of eco-anxiety: scientists wake up to the mental-health toll of climate change”
By Helen Pearson. Nature. April 10, 2024.
“As youths grapple with climate anxiety, they turn to activism, education for hope”
By Danielle DuClos and Natalie Eilbert. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. April 4, 2024.
“Coming of age in a warming world: How UC students are turning climate anxiety into action”
By Julia Busiek. University of California. April 1, 2024.
“Can Climate Cafes Help Ease the Anxiety of Planetary Crisis?”
By Lola Fadulu and Emily Schmall. Unleash. March 20, 2024.
“Eco-Action: Turning Students’ Climate Anxiety into Agency”
By Andrew Bauld. School Library Journal. March 20, 2024.
“The book clubs combatting eco-anxiety”
By Flora Medford, Happiful. March 13, 2024.
“The climate cafe helping eco-anxious Africans find hope amid the heat”
By Ope Adetayo. Positive News. March 11, 2024.
“What They’re Thinking: How to treat climate anxiety with nature”
By Brittney J. Miller. The Gazette. March 10, 2024.
“'You are not alone': In community, young people find antidotes to climate anxiety”
By Heidi Schlumpf. EarthBeat. March 6, 2024.
“Gen Z’s Climate Anxiety: A Call for Action and Hope”
Neuroscience. March 5, 2024.
“In the Northwest Territories, an approaching wildfire season is fueling anxiety”
CBC News. March 2, 2024.

“How to help children cope with ‘climate anxiety’ in a warming world”
By Shai Fuxman and Chelsey Goddard. The Hechinger Report. February 27, 2024.
“Rising prevalence of eco-anxiety and climate anxiety is a growing concern”
By Meenakshi Venkataraman and Rita Aggarwal. DownToEarth. February 27, 2024.
“Eco-Anxiety Among Youth: How Canada's First Ecological Chaplaincy at SFU Aims to Heal”
By Sakchi Khandelwal. BNN. February 23, 2024.
“Could religion provide answers for climate anxiety?”
CBC. February 22, 2024.
“Reckoning with eco-anxieties at the Block Museum”
By Katie Sullivan. Evanston Round Table. February 21, 2024.
“Q&A: How Do You Fight Climate Anxiety?”
By Alice Berry. UVA Today. February 21, 2024.
“Climate change is fueling a new type of anxiety, therapists say”
By Olivia Rudgard and Jack Wittels. The Detroit News. February 17, 2024.
“A Teachers’ Guide for Managing Climate Anxiety in the Classroom”
By Madeline Will. Education Week. February 15, 2024.
“Outdoor fun + mindfulness = mental health boosts for kids”
National Geographic Kids.
“What to do when you’re completely overwhelmed by climate anxiety”
By Allie Volpe. Vox. February 8, 2024.
“The theatre group turning environmental grief into hope — and change”
By Jadine Ngan. David Suzuki Foundation. February 6, 2024.
“7 Ways to Deal With Climate Despair”
By Angela Haupt. Time. February 6, 2024.
“YSPH Researcher studies climate change’s negative effects on mental health”
By Jane E. Dee. Yale School of Public Health. February 5, 2024.
“Gen Z's climate anxiety and responsibility”
By Laila Nsour. Daily Californian. January 26, 2024.
“To address climate anxiety, colleges embrace environmental humanities”
By Kirk Carapezza. WGBH. January 25, 2024.
“To process your climate anxiety, be the butterfly”
By Molly Cruse. CPR News. January 24, 2024.
“A New Way to See Your Climate Anxiety”
By Tori Tsui. Wired. January 22, 2024.   
“Could ecotherapy be the tool we need to help soothe eco-anxiety?”
By Kathryn Wheeler. Happiful. January 20, 2024.
“Climate fiction might not save the world, but writing it could help with your eco-anxiety”
By Rachel Hennessy, Alex Cothren, and Amy T Matthews. January 14, 2024.
“As a psychologist I have witnessed a surge in climate grief. This is what I tell my clients”
By Carly Dober. The Guardian. January 12, 2024.

“Grieving a Diminished Natural World”
By Cylvia Hayes. Transcend. January 10, 2024.
“‘Cli-fi’ might not save the world, but writing it could help with your eco-anxiety”
By Rachel Hennessy, Alex Cothren, and Amy T Matthews. The Conversation. January 8, 2024.
“The Healing Power of Forest Bathing, Nature’s Remedy for Stress and Mental Well-Being”
By Charlie Fletcher. January 8, 2024.
“Climate Cafes: Addressing the Emotional Toll of Climate Change”
By Ebenezer Mensah. BNN Breaking. January 4, 2024.
“Alum Jason Brown: Ecological chaplain in an age of environmental grief”
By Ray Waddle. Yale Divinity School. January 3, 2024.


Header Image: Barão de Melgaço, Mato Grosso, Brazil, 2020; after a forest fire–almost half of the Encontro das Águas State Park is situated within Barão de Melgaço; Luzo Reis/Shutterstock