Here you'll find quick, easy-access resources to help you if you're experiencing climate and eco-related distress and anxiety in the moment.

Many of the longer lectures in our eco-anxiety video resources section also have contemplative practices for decreasing your distress embedded within them. 
See also our eco-anxiety playlist on YouTube for additional resources.

Meditations for eco-anxiety/grief

Tonglen for Eco-anxiety
Dekila Chungyalpa, Loka Initiative

Tara Brach Leads A Meditation On Facing the Fear of Climate Change
New York Times Events

Climate anxiety and care (guided meditation)

Nature Meditation for Climate Distress
The Resilient Activist

Guided Meditation + Climate Poetry: Addressing Eco-Anxiety

Meditation for Climate Anxiety, Ryan Grist via Insight Timer 

Meditation on Climate Anxiety, Joe Holloway via Insight Timer

Overcoming Eco-anxiety, Guri via Insight Timer

Ten-day Eco-anxiety Challenge (includes 10 meditations), Insight Timer 

Other Practices to Address Eco-Anxiety/Grief

Tapping on the Climate Emergency (EFT)
Climate of Joy

Tapping on Eco-Anxiety (EFT)
BBC Radio–Bristol/Michelle Cassar

On the other side of grief is…
A contemplative practice with Prentiss Hemphill, from the RITA Summit

On the other side of anger is…
A contemplative practice with Dekila Chungyalpa, from the RITA Summit

On the other side of despair is…
A contemplative practice with Bobbi Patterson, from the RITA Summit


How Breathwork Can Help Ease Your Climate Anxiety
Brightly EcoBlog

Befriending Eco-Anxiety–Practices, Kaira Jewel-Lingo, OneEarth Sangha (includes 4 guided meditations)

Improving Resilience (Biofield Tuning), Eileen McKusick (the offering is free, but you will be required to register)

Quick Advice & Tips

Four Tips to Change Your Perspective on Climate Change Anxiety
Nicole Ardoin, Director of the Social Ecology Lab at Stanford University


Feeling anxious about climate change? Here are 5 tips to manage those feelings,” NPR

How to manage eco-anxiety: Advice from a climate activist,” Greenpeace (to get directly to the tips, click “Skip the Intro” at the top of the page)

Meditations for anxiety/fear/grief–general 

There is an abundance of meditations for general anxiety on audio and video platforms . You'll find many free ones on Insight Timer and YouTube.
The following are a small selection from trusted sources that we have found helpful ourselves. 


Guided Meditation For INNER PEACE During UNCERTAIN TIMES
Artist Morning, Darius Basher

Artist Morning, Darius Basher

20 Minute Guided Meditation for Grief, Loss and Sadness
Artist Morning, Darius Basher

Artist Morning, Darius Basher

Calm, Ease
Thich Nhat Hanh, Plum Village

How to Feel Truly Safe | 20 Minute Meditation to Get Out of Survival Mode
Eckhart Tolle

Anxiety Meditation using IFS Protocols for Relaxation - Internal Family Systems Therapy
Self-Therapy and Internal Family Systems

What is Anxiety?
Eileen McKusick, Biofield Tuning

Eileen McKusick, Biofield Tuning