Confucianism and Ecology

May 30-June 1, 1996


  • Opening Session
  • Overviews
  • China
  • Korea
  • Japan
  • Philosophical Reflections
  • Issues on the Ground


Opening Session

Lawrence Sullivan, Director, Center for the Study of World Religions - Welcoming remarks

Tu Weiming, Director, Harvard-Yenching Institute - Beyond the Enlightenment Mentality: Reflections on Confucian Ecology

Respondent - Wm. Theodore de Bary, Columbia University



Michael Kalton, University of Washington, Tacoma - Extending the Neo-Confucian Tradition: Questions and Reconceptualization for the Twenty-first Century

Rodney Taylor, University of Colorado, Boulder - Companionship with the World: Toward a Confucian Ecology

Panel respondent - Mary Evelyn Tucker, Bucknell University



Joseph Adler, Kenyon College - Chou Tun I : Resources for an Ecological Perspective

Toshio Kuwako, Tokyo Institute of Technology - The Metaphysics of Environmental Correlation in Chu Hsi

Respondent - Tu Weiming, Harvard University



Young Chan Ro, George Mason University - Ecological Implications of Yi Yulgok's Cosmology: Ch'i as the Unitary Foundation of Ecosystems

Heup Young Kim, Kang Nam University - Yi Toegye's Understanding of Nature and Ecological Problems



Mary Evelyn Tucker, Bucknell University - The Ecological Implications of Japanese Neo-Confucianism

Seiko Gotø, Chiba University - A Comparison of Confucian Influences on Landscape Gardens in Japan and Germany

Respondent - Michael Kalton, University of Washington, Tacoma


Philosophical Reflections

Chung-ying Cheng, University of Hawaii, Manoa - On the Trinity of Cosmology, Ecology and Ethics in Confucian Personhood

Philip J. Ivanhoe, Stanford University - Resources Within the Confucian Tradition for the Philosophical Justification of Environmental Concern

John Berthrong, Boston University - New Confucianism: Reflections on Contemporary Resources for Confucian Ethics

Respondent - Robert Neville, Boston University


Issues on the Ground

Ron Guey Chu, Academia Sinica - Popular Confucianism and Ecology

Robert Weller, Boston University - The Story of Stone : Reflections on the Continuity of Being

Huey-li Li, University of Akron - Ecological Implications of Confucianism: An Ecofeminist Perspective

Respondent - Chung Chai-sik, Boston University