Index of Participants and Titles of Conference Papers

Religions of the World and Ecology
Index of Participants and Titles of Conference Papers
(Alphabetical by Author)


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| A |

Abdulaziz Abuzinada: Wildlife Conservation and Development in Islamic Society - The Experience of Saudi Arabia  [Islam and Ecology]

Tahera Aftab: Women and Environmental Projects in Muslim Societies  [Islam and Ecology]

Anil Agarwal: Can Hindu Beliefs and Values Help India Meet its Ecological Crisis? [Hinduism and Ecology]

Kelly Alley: Separate Domains: Hinduism, Politics and Environmental Pollution [Hinduism and Ecology]

Roger Ames: The Local and Focal in Realizing a Taoist World  [Taoism and Ecology]

Nawal Ammar: Ecological Justice and Human Rights for Women in Islam  [Islam and Ecology]

E. N. Anderson: Flowering Apricot: Environmental Practice, Folk Religion, and Taoism  [Taoism and Ecology]

Frederique Apffel-Marglin and Pramod Parajuli: Sacred Groves and Ecology: Ritual and Science [Hinduism and Ecology]

Frederique Apffel-Marglin and Julio Valladolid: Andean Cosmovision, Biodiversity and Regeneration  [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

Nelly Arvelo-Jimenez: On the Origin of the Earth: the Basis of Ye'kuana Political Mobilization [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

Muhamad Awang: Ecophilosophical Development in Malaysia  [Islam and Ecology]

| B |

Azizan Baharuddin: Science, Religion, and Environment - An Islamic Theology of Nature  [Islam and Ecology]

David Barnhill: Great Earth Sangha: Gary Snyder's Buddhist View of the Land and its Implications for Environmental Ethics [Buddhism and Ecology]

Diane Bell: Environmental Dreamings: Of Religion, Romance, Reconciliation and Resource [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

Tsvi Blanchard: Can Judaism Make Environmental Policy? Sacred and Secular Language in Jewish Environmental Discourse [Judaism and Ecology]

Jain Vishva Bharti,  Samani Malli Prajna, and Samani Pratibha Prajna: Solution to the Environmental Crisis through Jain Way of Life (with a brief meditation)  [Jainism and Ecology]

Anne Birdwhistell: The Ecology Question in Taoism: Can Ancient Texts Speak to Contemporary Issues?  [Taoism and Ecology]

 Sabra Bokhari: From Rio to Reality - Religious Perceptions, Cultural Barriers and Economic Factors in Case Studies of Muslim Women of Bangladesh, Egypt, Pakistan, and Senegal  [Islam and Ecology]

Peter Brosius: Local Knowledges, Global Claims: On the Significance of Indigenous Ecologies in Sarawak, East Malaysia [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

| C |

Gregory Cajete, Dinah Cajete, and Donna House: New Mexico Indigenous Environmental Knowledge: Science Orientations and Community Inclusivity Indigenous Ethics, Education, and Environmental Philosophy: A Pueblo Perspective  [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

J. Baird Callicott: Current Issues in Environmental Philosophy  [Judaism and Ecology]

Robert Campany: Ingesting the Marvelous: The Taoist's Relationship to Nature According to Ge Hong, 283-343 C.E. [Taoism and Ecology]

Christopher Key Chapple: Animals in the Early Sramanic Tradition  [Buddhism and Ecology]

Saadia Khawar Khan Chishti: Islam, Environment, and Sustainable Development  [Islam and Ecology]

Chu Ron Guey: Chinese Geomancy in Environmental Perspective [Taoism and Ecology]

John Cort: Toward a Possible Jain Environmental Ethic [Jainism and Ecology]

Cromwell Crawford: Agenda 21: Jain Cosmology and Ethics for the Eco-Crisis  [Jainism and Ecology]

Kamla Chowdry: Gandhi's Truth and Sustainability for the 21st Century  [Hinduism and Ecology]

| D |

Ahmad-Mahdavi Damghani, delivered by Mr. Dara Chafik: Protection of the Environment and Preservation of Natural Resources - A View Through Islamic Primary Texts [Islam and Ecology]

Chris Deegan: Circumambulating the Narmada: Damming a Sacred Landscape  [Hinduism and Ecology]

Eliezer Diamond: How Much Is Too Much? The Problem of Conventional Versus Individual Pollution Standards in Rabbinic Law [Judaism and Ecology]

Mawi Izzi Dien: The Fracturing of Islamic Social Bonds and Environment [Islam and Ecology]

Hassim Ismail Dockrat: “Mu'amalat - Religious Behavior and Environmental Concern [Islam and Ecology]

Paul Dundas: Digging Ahimsa: The Limits of a Jain Environmental Ethic [Jainism and Ecology]

Yasin Dutton: Islamic Law and the Environment [Islam and Ecology]

O.P. Dwivedi: Ecology and Hindu Religion  [Hinduism and Ecology]

| E |

David Eckel: The Issue of Anthropocentrism: On Emptiness and the Concept of Nature  [Buddhism and Ecology]

Evan Eisenberg: The Ecology of Eden  [Judaism and Ecology]

| F |  

Harvey Feit: Everyday Rituals and Hunting Metaphors: James Bay Cree Defense of Environments, Community and Inter-cultural Dialogue [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

Ann Fienup-Riordan: A Guest on the Table: Ecology from the Yup'ik Eskimo Point of View   [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

William Fisher: The Politicization of “Indigenous” Identity and Knowledge in South Asia  [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

William Fisher: Sacred Rivers, Sacred Dams  [Hinduism and Ecology]

Richard Foltz: Islamic Environmentalism - A Matter of Interpretation [Islam and Ecology]

Joe Franke: The Wat Forest Project: Organizing Support for SE Asia's '”Green Monks”  [Buddhism and Ecology]

Stephanie Fried: God Squads, Believers, and Backsliders: Religion and Forest Politics in Outer Island Indonesia  [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

Tikva Frymer-Kensky: “Leshev” and Gaia: The Limits of Biblical Ecology [Judaism and Ecology]

| G |

S. L. Gandhi: Jain Principle of Ahimsa and Ecology  [Jainism and Ecology]

Angel Garcia-Zambrano: Cucurbits and Cacti in the Indigenous Ritual Selection of Environments for Settlement in Colonial Mesoamerica  [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

Stephen Geller: Nature's Answer: Creation and Theodicy in the Bible [Judaism and Ecology]

Yehuda Gellman: Buber's Bluff: On the Attitude of Early Hasidism to the World and Nature [Judaism and Ecology]

Neil Gillman: Liturgical Transformations of The Creation Stories [Judaism and Ecology]

Ann Gold: If You Cut One Branch You Cut my Finger: Court, Forest, and Environmental Ethics in Rajasthan  [Hinduism and Ecology]

Lenn Evan Goodman: Respect for Nature in the Jewish Tradition [Judaism and Ecology]

Shrivatsa Goswami: Krishna and Vrindavan: Theology and Play of Ecology  [Hinduism and Ecology]

Thomas Greaves and Darrell Posey: Knowledge, Innovation and Practice of Indigenous and Local Communities: Traditional Technologies in the International Political Context  [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

Rita Gross: Buddhist Resources for Issues of Population, Consumption and the Environment  [Buddhism and Ecology]

| H |  

David L. Haberman: River of Love in an Age of Pollution  [Hinduism and Ecology]

Ruben Habito: Mountains, Rivers and the Great Earth: Zen Buddhism and the Ecological Question  [Buddhism and Ecology]

Thomas H. Hahn: Wild Thoughts: On Taoist Notions of Wilderness [Taoism and Ecology]

Joan Halifax and Marty Peale: Interbeing: Precepts and Practices of an Applied Ecology  [Buddhism and Ecology]

David Hall: From Reference to Deference: Taoism and the Natural World  [Taoism and Ecology]

Safei-Eldin Hamed: Toward Environmentally Sustainable Development - An Islamic Aproach to Capacity Building [Islam and Ecology]

Nomanul Haq: Nature in the Cosmology of Sufi Poetry and Imagination [Islam and Ecology]

Manuka Henare: Tapu, mauri, hau, mana - a Maori Philosophy of Vitalism and the Cosmos [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

Jonathan Herman: Taoist Environmentalism in the West: Ursula K. Le Guin's Transmission of Taoism  [Taoism and Ecology]

Teresia Hinga: African Indigenous Religions and the Search for Global Healing: The Gikuyu Case  [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

Jeffrey Hopkins: Tibetan Buddhism and Concern for the Environment: Real or Imagined  [Buddhism & Ecology]

Shakeel Hossain: Between Sinful Innovation and the Ethos of the Land - Sacred Traditions and Ritual Art of the Indian Muslims [Islam and Ecology]

Donna House, Dineh Cajete, and Gregory Cajete: New Mexico Indigenous Environmental Knowledge: Science Orientations and Community Inclusivity Indigenous Ethics, Education, and Environmental Philosophy: A Pueblo Perspective  [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

Mohamed Hyder: Islam and Ecological Conservation - A Dichotomy of Principle and Practice  [Islam and Ecology]

| I |

| J |

Bhagchandra Jain: Ecology and Spirituality in Jain Tradition [Jainism and Ecology]

Jiger Janabel: The Popular Belief Versus Ecology in Medieval Kazakstan  [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

| K |

Kaise Jeebo Re! (How Do I Survive, My Friend!) , film summary  [Hinduism and Ecology]

Ogbu Kalu: The Sacred Egg: Worldview, Ecology and Development in West Africa  [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

Edward Kaplan: Reverence and Responsibility: Abraham Joshua Heschel on Nature and The Self [Judaism and Ecology]

Tazim Kassam: The AKDN's Ethic of Sustainable Development in South Asia [Islam and Ecology]

Stephanie Kaza: American Buddhist Responses to the Land  [Buddhism and Ecology]

Fazlun Khalid: Foundations of Modernity - An Islamic Critique of the Root Causes of Environmental Degradation [Islam and Ecology]

Hasan-Uddin Khan: Architecture of Islam - Responsibility and the Natural Environment [Islam and Ecology]

Madhu Khanna: The Ritual Capsule of Durga-Puja: An Ecological Perspective  [Hinduism and Ecology]

Russell Kirkland: “Life,” “Nature,” and “Responsible, Non-Action:” Perspectives from the Neiye, Zhuangzi, and Taode jing [Taoism and Ecology]

John Koller: Perspectivalism as a Basis for Ecological Dialogue  [Jainism and Ecology]

Kenneth Kraft: Nuclear Ecology and Engaged Buddhism: Making the Connections  [Buddhism and Ecology]

David Kraemer: Jewish Death Practices: A Commentary on the Relationship of Humans to the Natural World [Judaism and Ecology]

Satish Kumar: Celebration of Simplicity [Jainism and Ecology]

| L |

Lai Chi-tim: A Study of the Concept of Zhong-he, Central Harmony in the Taiping Jing: Human Responsibility for the Maladies of Nature  [Taoism and Ecology]

Vinay Lal: Gandhi and Deep Ecology  [Hinduism and Ecology]

Michael LaFargue: “Nature” As Part of the Human-Cultural World in Taoist Thought [Taoism and Ecology]

William LaFleur: Ending Fecundism: Buddhism and a Critique of the Fertility-Piety Nexus  [Buddhism and Ecology]

David Lee: Sacred Plants and Forests: Lessons from the Ramayana  [Hinduism and Ecology]

Liu Xiaogan: Non-action, Wuwei, and the Environment Today: Conceptual and Applied Study of Laozi's Philosophy [Taoism and Ecology]

Othman Llewellyn: The Basis for a Discipline of Islamic Environmental Law [Islam and Ecology]

B. C. Lodha: Protection of the Environment from a Jain Perspective [Jainism and Ecology]

John Daido Loori: Teachings of Mountains and Rivers: The Earth's Ethical Imperative  [Buddhism and Ecology]

Philip Lutgendorf: Having a Forest and Eating It Too: “Narrative Ecosystem” in the Sanskrit Epics  [Hinduism and Ecology]

| M |

Mary MacDonald and Simeon Namunu: Toward an Ethic of Interdependence: Give and Take in Melanesia  [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

Theodore MacDonald: Political Mobilization and Traditional Environmental Knowledge, TEK in Indigenous Amazonia: Where's the Link?  [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

Sallie McFague: Ecological Christology: Does Christianity Have It?  [Christianity and Ecology]

Mary McGee: Environmental Consciousness in the Dharmashastras and the Arthashastras  [Hinduism and Ecology]

Shaul Magid: Nature and Disability: The Natural World in Nahman of Bratzlav's “Tale of The Seven Beggars” [Judaism and Ecology]

Nabil Maghrebi with Ronaldo Potmis: Environmental Risks and Financial Returns - Conflicts and Compromises  [Islam and Ecology]

Abu Bakar Abdul Majeed: Islam in Malaysia's Planning and Development Policy [Islam and Ecology]

Jeffrey Meyer: Taoist Chinese Gardens as Ecological Texts [Taoism and Ecology]

Victor Montejo: The Road to Heaven: Jakaltek-Maya Beliefs, Religion and the Ecology [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

Susan Murcott: This Very Place, This Very Body–the Role of Water and Wastewater Treatment in Human/Ecological Well-Being  [Buddhism and Ecology]

| N |

Vijaya Nagarajan: Women and the Earth: The Art of Symbolic Expression  [Hinduism and Ecology]

Simeon Namunu and Mary MacDonald: Toward an Ethic of Interdependence: Give and Take in Melanesia  [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

Azim Nanji: Reimaging the Environment in African Muslim Contexts [Islam and Ecology]

Seyyed Hossein Nasr: The Religious Dimension of the Environmental Crisis - The Case of Islam [Islam and Ecology]

Poranee Natadecha-Sponsel and Leslie Sponsel: The Buddhist Monastic Community as a Green Society in Thailand: Its Potential Role in Environmental Ethics, Education and Action  [Buddhism and Ecology]

Lance Nelson: Reading the Bhagavad Gita from an Ecological Perspective  [Hinduism and Ecology]

Dawud Noibi: The Khalifah and His Trust - An Islamic Perspective on Ecological Responsibility [Islam and Ecology]

Muhammad Zafar Mahafooz Nomani: Environmental Pollution and Conservation of Ecological Balance - A Search for an Islamic Development Model  [Islam and Ecology]

David Novak: The Doctrine of Creation and the Idea of Nature [Judaism and Ecology]

| O |

Ayub Ommaya: Integrating Science and Religion for Global Environmental Security : An Islamic Ecologic Perspective [Islam and Ecology]

Ibrahim Ozdemir: Towards a Qur'anic Concept of Environmental Ethics [Islam and Ecology]

| P |   

Laurie Patton: Nature Romanticism and Violence in Rig Vedic Interpretation  [Hinduism and Ecology]

Jordan Paper: “Taoism” and “Deep Ecology:” Fantasy and Potentiality [Taoism and Ecology]

Pramod Parajuli: Rituals of Resistance, Ecology and Adivasi Identity in India [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

Pramod Parajuli and Frederique Apffel-Marglin: Sacred Groves and Ecology: Ritual and Science  [Hinduism and Ecology]

Graham Parkes: The Cosmic Buddha Teaches Through Rocks and Trees: Dôgen and Deep Ecology  [Buddhism and Ecology]

Muhammad Aslam Parvaiz: Genetic Engineering, Cloning, and Al -Mizan (The Balance) [Islam and Ecology]

Marty Peale and Joan Halifax: Interbeing: Precepts and Practices of an Applied Ecology  [Buddhism and Ecology]

Attilo Petruccioli: Nature in Islamic Urbanism - The Garden in Practice and in Metaphor [Islam and Ecology]

Darrell Posey and Thomas Greaves: Knowledge, Innovation and Practice of Indigenous and Local Communities: Traditional Technologies in the International Political Context  [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

The documentary “Power”, film summary  [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

Pradip Prabhu: Ecological Sensibilities and Culture among the Warlis [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

Samani Pratibha Prajna, Jain Vishva Bharti, and Samna Malli Prajna: Solution to the Environmental Crisis Through Jain Way of Life (with a brief meditation) [Jainism and Ecology]

| Q |   

| R |   

K. L. Seshagiri Rao: The Five Great Elements Panca MahabhutaAn Ecological Perspective  [Hinduism and Ecology]

Lawrence Rasmussen: New Directions in Theological Ethics, Nature and the Environment [Judaism and Ecology]

Steven Rockefeller: Buddhist Contributions to the Earth Charter  [Buddhism and Ecology]

Shalom Rosenberg: Torah and Nature: On the Functionality of “Nature” [Judaism and Ecology]

T. S. Rukmani: Literary Foundations for an Ecological Aesthetic  [Hinduism and Ecology]

| S |

Abdul Aziz Said: Peace in Islam - An Ecology of the Spirit [Islam and Ecology]

Kristofer Schipper: Taoist Ecology: The Inner Transformation. A Study of the Precepts of the Early Taoist Ecclesia  [Taoism and Ecology]

Zakai Sen: Role of the Environment in Human Faith and Ibn Sina's Perspectives [Islam and Ecology]

Benjamin Ish Shalom: Nature in the Thought of Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook [Judaism and Ecology]

Sadhvi Shilapi: Environmental and Ecological Issues Propagated and Discussed by Tirthanka Mahavira [Jainism and Ecology]

Larry D. Shinn: The Inner Logic of Gandhiam Ecology  [Hinduism and Ecology]

Mohammad Yusuf Siddiq: An Ecological Journey to the Islamic East (Bengal) [Islam and Ecology]

Jael Silliman: Indian Feminist Responses and Challenges to Environmental Population Paradigms  [Hinduism and Ecology]

Javier Galicia Silva: Religion, Ceremony and Agriculture Among the Contemporary Nahuatl Communities of Mesoamerica  [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

Kim Skoog: Ahimsa as a Categorical Imperative for Environmental Care  [Jainism and Ecology]

Joanna Handlin Smith: Saving Animal Lives in Ming Ch'ing China: Buddhist Inspiration and Elite Imagination  [Buddhism and Ecology]

Moshe Sokol: What are the Ethical Implications of Jewish Theological Conceptions of Nature? [Judaism and Ecology]

Leslie Sponsel and Poranee Natadecha-Sponsel: The Buddhist Monastic Community as a Green Society in Thailand: Its Potential Role in Environmental Ethics, Education and Action  [Buddhism and Ecology]

Donald Swearer: The Hermeneutics of Buddhist Ecology in Contemporary Thailand Buddhadasa and Dhammapitaka  [Buddhism and Ecology]

| T |

Ines Talamantez: Native American Paradigms for Sustainable Community [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

Nathmal Tatia: The Jain World View and Ecology  [Jainism and Ecology]

| U |   

Mutang Urud: Kelabit Ecological Lifeways  [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

| V |   

Julio Valladolid and Federique Apffel-Marglin: Andean Cosmovision, Biodiversity and Regeneration [Indigenous Traditions and Ecology]

| W |

Kristi Wiley: The Nature of Nature: Jain Perspectives on the Natural World  [Jainism and Ecology]

Duncan Ryûken Williams: Liberation and Death: Issues in the Study of Rites to Release Animals, Hôjô-e in Medieval Japanese Buddhism  [Buddhism and Ecology]

Elliot Wolfson: The Mirror of Nature in the Jewish Mystical Tradition [Judaism and Ecology]

| X |  

| Y |   

Toshiaki Yamada: Pantheism and the Respect for Natural Beauty in Taoism [Taoism and Ecology]

Jeff Yamauchi: The Greening of Zen Mountain Center: A Case Study [Buddhism and Ecology]

| Z |