Collected Thoughts of Thomas Berry; Part 2: The Millennial Vision

Tara C. Trapani

As we shared a few weeks ago, for our 25th anniversary year, the Forum is releasing a collection of rare audio recordings of Thomas Berry in conversation with Brian Thomas Swimme, titled “The Collected Thoughts of Thomas Berry.” We will release one part per month. On the official anniversary of the Forum, we brought you the project Introduction by Mary Evelyn Tucker and Part 1: Where are We and How did We Get Here, with an introduction by John Grim.

And today, for Thomas' birthday, we’re very pleased to bring you Part 2: The Millennial Vision, with an introduction by Sam King.

An excerpt from the introduction:
The Millennial Vision was transformed into a Wonderworld vision, to be achieved through the control of science over nature. For Thomas, modern science is itself is a visionary venture, driven by a will, longing for a future paradise above and beyond the human condition…Thomas leaves us with the question ‘What is the great vision we will follow in our own times? Will we place our energies in a technozoic era of human control over nature or give birth to an Ecozoic era of human-Earth flourishing?’

Go here to listen to The Millennial Vision (as well as the Intro & Part 1):

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