New Ecological Civilization Section!

Tara C. Trapani

As we announced yesterday in our newsletter, we are very excited to release the newest section of our website: Ecological Civilization. We at the Forum feel this subject is of crucial importance at this stage in our global evolution.

This is a term that emerged 25 years ago in China and is now being discussed in the West. It is a fundamental paradigm shift toward an ecocentric worldview, rather than an anthropocentric one—an ecological civilization that provides a basis for the well-being and health of both people and the planet. This involves drawing on philosophical and religious traditions for shaping a broader environmental ethics and transformative action. This was the assumption of the 10 Harvard conferences and books on World Religions and Ecology (1996-2007). The Chinese are reviving their own traditions of Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism for ecological ethics. We honor the efforts of those in both the East and West, who have been writing and speaking on this topic for many years, and we look forward to lifting up their work in this section.
We have curated a selection of resources to enhance your exploration of this important topic, including:

You'll find the new section here on the Forum site:

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This new section will be growing over the months and years to come, as the Ecological Civilization movement and expansion of this concept continues to take root in more places and evolve. We hope this new section will help spread the word and help all of us to understand it further and learn how to help seed this important syntropic shift.