Yale Divinity Alumni Profiles

Tara C. Trapani

In the past few years, Yale Divinity School has been sharing profiles about, or pieces written by, their alumni who are doing good work in the world. Today, we've collected some of the ones related to the environment to uplift and honor their contributions.

Jason Brown ‘11 M.A.R., ‘11 M.F.
“Ecological chaplain in an age of environmental grief”
This profile of Jason by YDS head of communications Ray Waddle speaks about his experience working with eco-anxiety and grief and the contemplative nature-based practices he uses with people to help ease their distress. 

Blair Nelsen ’19 M.A.R.
“Finding the divine in the face of climate change”
This profile of Blair Nelsen, Director of Waterspirit, talks about her work with that organization, last year's United Nations Water Conference, and the Climate Pastoral Care course she helped develop to answer the increasing need for care related to climate anxiety and grief. 

Jim Antal ’78 M.Div.
“Faith community waking up to the moral crisis of climate change”
This piece about the work of Rev. Jim Antal, Special Advisor on Climate Justice to the United Church of Christ (UCC), talks about his activism, his book Climate Church, Climate World: How People of Faith Must Work for Change, and his experience of the first Earth Day. 

Talitha Arnold '80 M.Div
“A ‘piñon theology’ for desert times”
In preparation for her speech there last year, YDS published this profile of Rev. Talitha Arnold, the longtime senior minister of United Church of Santa Fe (UCC). They speak about how she weaves Indigenous wisdom into her environmental ministry, the “desert faith” identity of her congregation that is essential to their mission, and the church's LGBTQ “Covenant of Openness and Affirmation.”

Paul Minus ’55 B.A., ’58 M.Div., ’62 Ph.D.
“Alum’s bequest funds YDS environmental initiatives”
This piece on the life and work of Rev. Paul Minus talks about how as “minister, educator, and activist, Minus dedicated himself to social issues from racial justice to corporate responsibility to environmental stewardship.”

Betsey Painter ‘22 M.A.R.
“Reducing our carbon footprint is a way of loving others”
This piece by recent YDS graduate and author of the book A Christian's Guide to Planet Earth: Why it Matters and how to Care for it,” Betsey Painter, talked about environmental racism and climate change.