EcoSattva Training

Event description: 

Self-paced online course updated for 2023/2024

The founding premise of One Earth Sangha is that the Buddhist tradition offers significant, largely untapped resources that can support us in bringing wisdom, compassion, creativity, and a steady resolve to our inter-related ecological and social crises. The Dharma’s transformative insights help us understand the root causes of our challenge, how we can remain steady as it unfolds, and how we might skillfully respond.

The EcoSattva Training is a journey of brave and tender reckoning with a dramatically changing world. As we cultivate clear seeing, supported by radical Dharma wisdom, justice-informed analysis, and a growing community of engaged practitioners, we may discover new pathways opening to us.

This is a self-paced, flexible course designed to fit a wide variety of schedules and circumstances. Start when you like, move at your own pace, and join monthly gatherings. As an individual or as part of a group, we warmly invite you to join us for the newest version of the EcoSattva Training.