Sisters of Loretto permanently preserve 650 acres of ‘holy land’ in Kentucky

By Brian Roewe
Earth Beat
January 26, 2023

The region in central Kentucky where the Sisters of Loretto have resided for 200 years is often described as “holy land.” Now, more than 650 acres of that land surrounding their motherhouse will be protected and preserved permanently under the terms of a new conservation easement.
The arrangement, signed Jan. 18 with the Bluegrass Land Conservancy, will place more than 80% of the congregation's nearly 800 acres of land in Nerinx, Kentucky, under an easement, a legally binding and voluntary agreement that restricts development for conservation purposes and mandates current and future owners to abide by the outlined terms. The protected lands include 110 acres of cropland, 242 acres of pasture and hayfields, and 265 acres of woodlands.

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