Nobel Laureates Urge Humanity to Stop ‘Taking Colossal Risks With Our Common Future’

By Brett Wilkins
Common Dreams
April 29, 2021

“We need to reinvent our relationship with planet Earth. The future of all life on this planet—humans and our societies included—requires us to become effective stewards of the global commons.”

Warning that “time is running out to prevent irreversible changes” to the planet, a group of academics including 13 Nobel laureates on Thursday issued an “urgent call for action” in the form of “effective planetary stewardship” to address the climate emergency, global health threats including pandemics, and various forms of inequality. 

In a statement acknowledging that “humankind faces new challenges at unprecedented scale”—including the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the climate emergency, inequality, and what they call an “information crisis”—the academics assert that “time is the natural resource in shortest supply.”

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