Nature Is Risen, She Is Risen Indeed

By John Palka
Nature’s Depths
April 11, 2021

This past Sunday was Easter Sunday. It evoked in me many thoughts and feelings about Nature which I would like to share with you here.


All life on Earth, including human life, is tied to the environment in which it lives, and that environment is not static. Especially in the temperate regions—not too close to the Equator and also not too close to either of the poles—it cycles through the seasons with which we are all familiar: spring, summer, autumn, winter, spring, summer and so on, year after year. On Nature’s Depths, we have seen many examples of how the lives of both plants and animals are coordinated with these ever-changing seasons, whether it is the time of leaf opening, or of flowering, or of migration, or of protection against the freezing weather, or any of a host of other processes.

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