Braj Kund Restoration Project Unites Sustainability and Sacred Space

By Atma Tattva Das
International Society for Krishna Consciousness News
January 13, 2024

In an alignment of spiritual vision and environmental stewardship, The Braj Kund Restoration Project, created to restore the deteriorating quality of kundas in the Braj region, reflects the essence of sustainable development and holistic conservation. For the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) community, this initiative transcends the boundaries of ecological restoration; it signifies a sacred duty to preserve the sanctity of Braj – a place intrinsically connected to the divine pastimes of Lord Krishna.
The Braj Kund Restoration Project, an ambitious endeavor led by Gauranga Das, a GBC member with global duties for Human Resource Development and Capacity Building of ISKCON temples and Director of Govardhan Eco Village, signifies a harmonious collaboration between spiritual teachings and environmental activism. In a recent ISKCON News interview, Gauranga shared insights into the genesis of the project and its profound significance.

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