Best Books For Environmental Learning

Recommended by Mitchell Thomashow
Five Books
October 28, 2021

Before we get to the books, I wanted to ask what you mean by environmental learning because I was quite surprised by your choices. I expected books summarizing what’s going on with the environment in terms of temperature changes or extinction of species, and what we have to focus on doing to stop that. Whereas a lot of the books you’re recommending are really nature writing, almost. They’re books of nature writing at a time of climate change or learning about the changes going on in the world through reflective observation and writing. Is that fair?

They’re all connected. The field is so big now and there are so many directions you can go in. What I’m really focused on here is how we learn to perceive nature, and why we often don’t because, fundamentally, that’s the most important issue. Why is it so hard for people to understand their relationship to the natural world? These are all books that help us get there, in one way or another.

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