SOS for Eco-anxiety

Tara C. Trapani

Today we'd like to make our readers aware of a new page on our website. As part of our eco-anxiety section, we've just added an “SOS” page of quick practices to help when one is experiencing eco-anxiety and grief in the moment. We at the Forum are always working to find resources to share with you that will help support the field and the wider environmental community. And one of the primary areas of need in the last few years has been in this area of fear and despair brought on by our increasingly unpredictable climate and its effects on our planet.

As I related in the July 20 blog post, my community was hit very hard by deluges and flooding several weeks ago. And I found myself turning to our site for resources to help me cope with my own anxiety and grief about the devastation and our volatile climate. So many of the resources out there right now related to eco-anxiety and grief are very important: conversations, talks, panels, and more starting to unpack and assess this fairly newly identified phenomenon, whose term was only coined in 2017. These talks et al are tremendously valuable, and you'll find many of them in the eco-anxiety section on our site and in our YouTube playlist.

But what struck me as I struggled was how unhelpful it was hearing these experts talk about the issue when I was in actively in crisis mode–when I was actually in the middle of the experience itself. So, we've set out on this new page to provide quick emergency care resources to meet this need: meditations and EFT protocols, as well as information on journaling practices, breathwork, and more. We hope it will provide some support and comfort as we all navigate the challenges and changes in our world. 

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