Spotlights, a Video & Audio Podcast

Sam Mickey

This blog regularly features clips and episodes from the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology podcast, Spotlights. It is a video podcast series, with episodes posted on the Forum's YouTube channel. and archived on the Forum website here.

Along with the video version of each episode, we also make audio versions available. Some people prefer listening to podcasts instead of watching, sometimes finding the audio version more convenient, or more enjoyable, or easier to pay attention to.

Before Spotlights returns for its third season beginning next week, now is a good time to remind everyone about the variety of ways that you can listen to our conversations with academics, activists, artists, and others working around the intersection of religion and ecology.

The audio version of our podcast is hosted by the podcast platform Buzzsprout, and you can listen directly from them, but there are many other places to find our episodes, too. You can find us through most streaming services, including some of the most popular, like Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Pandora, and you can find our RSS feed here.

Whether you prefer listening, watching, or a little of both, we hope you enjoy our episodes. We're looking forward to continuing to bringing you more content about the field and the force of religion and ecology.