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On July 28, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a landmark resolution declaring a clean, healthy, sustainable environment a basic human right. This landmark declaration has its roots in the 1972 Stockholm Declaration, is largely based on a 2021 statement by the Human Rights Council, and could have profound implications for international and environmental law.


Today, we wanted to provide a little tour of the abundance of video resources available here on the Forum site and on our YouTube channel. We hope these collections will be of use to you in your classes and communities. 

The topics in our Video section include:

Today, we’re highlighting some of the environmental podcasts we think will be of interest to Forum readers. Some of these may already be familiar, as we’ve shared their content before, but they’re still doing robust work and featuring interesting interviewees, so we wanted to keep them on your radar. And some we list here are new additions to our lists of resources.

As events around the world continue to bring challenges to our inner peace and well-being, we wanted to share some resources for helping to cope with climate anxiety, grief, and despair. We hope they will help you and your community find glimmers of hope and some solid ground to stand on in the midst of uncertainty. 


We at the Forum are excited to unveil to you a new section of our website. Under “World Religions,” you will now find a subsection with a wealth of resources on Zoroastrianism and ecology. 

Joyous summer to one and all! Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the summer solstice occured on Tuesday, heralding the longest day and our crossing of the threshold into the time of great natural abundance and bountiful growth.

To celebrate, we’d like to share a couple of poems that honor the energy of summer, particulary that special liminal time when we ease from the busyness of the day into the dark sacred night. 

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