Being an Ecological Leader

Tara C. Trapani

Next Tuesday, February 6, at 12pm EST, St. Paul University will be holding a special online conversation between our own Mary Evelyn Tucker and Forum advisor Heather Eaton. The topic will be “Being an Ecological Leader,” and the event is hosted by the St. Paul University School of Leadership, Ecology, and Equity as part of their “Being a Leader: Lunchtime Conversations” series. 

From the event site: 
Join our inspiring conversation with Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker: Confucian scholar and global leader in religious responses to ecological issues.  She is the co-founder of the Forum on Religion and Ecology and the Journey of the Universe projects, as well as involvement with The Earth Charter initiatives.

Dr. Tucker is a renowned leader, teacher, and author, and has led and supported international religious and ethical responses to ecological concerns. We will learn about Mary Evelyn’s story and how it connects to the universe’s story, as she invites us to understand and embody our deep interconnectedness in a new way. Heather Eaton will interview her long-time colleague, and friend, Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker.

About the series:
The series “Being a Leader: Lunchtime Conversations” offers opportunities to reflect with organizational and community leaders upon the challenges of social transformation in a complex world, and to better appreciate the resources we can rely on to act within this complex world. Organized by the School of Leadership, Ecology and Equity, Saint Paul University.

The event is free and open to all, but pre-registration is required.
Go here to sign up and find out more. 

February 27 update;
Here is the recording of the event: