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Joyous 2023 to all of our readers and followers. 

This year we’ll be giving over a couple of posts a month to our theme for the year: Hope.

Eco-anxiety, grief, climate despair run rampant today. The news media only deepens this and often takes us to even darker places, as it demonstrates in full color the worst of our world.

Before we launch into 2023 tackling and talking about the environmental issues that our world is facing, we wanted to offer a spark of hope to begin this fresh, new year. 


Joyous Solstice greetings to all! 

In honor of Solstice , we would like to offer you this truly magnificent short poem from Yolande “Nikki” Giovanni Jr.  

Warmest greetings to all of you as the colder days approach here in the Northern Hemisphere. Here we highlight some of the wonderful events happening this December related to religion and ecology. To see all upcoming offerings, check out our event page.


At this time of year, we at the Forum want to take a moment to express our gratitude for the animals, the wise sacred trees, the wind, and the water. 

For the Indigenous peoples on whose land we now reside.

And for all of you working every day to protect and restore our beloved Earth community. For you we offer this lovely poem by poet Alberto Alvaro Rios. We can create something greater–together.

This year’s American Academy of Religion’s Annual Meeting officially begins in just a couple of days in Denver, and we wanted to share with you some of the ecology-related sessions that will be taking place there. 

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