Creation Reorientation: Liturgy to Reconcile People and Planet

EcoPreacher 1-2-3 (Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development)

Liturgy and Ecology in Dialogue (by Lawrence E. Mick)

Ritualizing Nature: Renewing Christian Liturgy in a Time of Crisis (by H. Paul Santmire)

Season of Creation (Laudato Si' Movement)

Season of Creation (Uniting Church in Australia, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania)

The Season of Creation: A Preaching Commentary (edited by Norman C. Habel, David Rhoads, and H. Paul Santmire)

Season of Creation 2021: A Home for All? Renewing the Oikos of God: A Catholic Liturgical Guide

Season of Creation: An Ecumenical Celebration
Liturgical Guide by Rev. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas and Rev. John Elliott Lein (2022)
Listen to the Voice of Creation: A Catholic Liturgical Guide
Season of Creation liturgical guide by James E. Hug, S.J. (2022).
See also the Spanish translation of this guide.
Waters of Creation: An Ecumenical Service of Worship

Web of Creation

Worship Resources on Caring for the Earth



Header image: Easter vigil mass in the Cathedral of Archangels Michael and Gabriel in Brussels, Belgium; Shutterstock/Alexandros Michailidis