Ecojustice Resources

Christian organizations have been at the forefront of the Ecojustice movement from the start. Many of the early leaders and statements in environmental justice came out of the Unitarian Universalist tradition. Environmentally engaged Christians are still very active today, as evidenced by the wealth of resources below.

Most of the resources below are organized chronologically, with the most recent at the top. The news articles concerning Christianity and Ecojustice are far greater than what we can include here. So, we have just included a selection. For more, see our Climate Emergency Articles and general News sections, as well as the EarthBeat archives. 

Official statements from religious leaders and Christian organizations from 1987 to the present are located here. These resources are listed chronologically with the most recent first.
Here we list Christian projects and organizations from around the globe who are engaging with and tackling head-on important environmental justice issues. If you would like your project to appear here, message our webmaster, using the Contact Form.

An abundance of related video and audio resources are listed here from 2006 to the present.

Here you’ll find a list of additional online resources related to the intersection of Christianity and ecojustice.

Books, Reports, Dissertations, Monographs
A chronological listing of books, reports, monographs, and published dissertations from 1985 to the present, related to Christian efforts for ecojustice, are located here.

Journals & Articles
A listing of academic articles from 1970 to the present. There is an overwhelming amount of news articles on Christianity and ecojustice, so we have only included  a selection from recent years. For more, see  our frequently updated News section and the Earthbeat archivesResources are listed chronologically.


Header Image: UUA General Assembly 2019 in Spokane, WA “The Power of We,” from the “Procession of the Species”; Photo Credit Rose Gallogly, courtesy of Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth (UUMFE)