2021 Eco-anxiety articles

“As COP26 gathers, faith-based environmentalists fight eco-grief”
By Elizabeth E. Evans. Religion News Service. EarthBeat. November 4, 2021.
“At 22, This Young Activist Has Found Ways To Channel Her Eco-Anxiety Into Action”
By Emily Chan. Vogue. November 1, 2021.
“Prioritizing Mental Wellness in Climate Change Education”
By Nicole Howard. Climate XChange. October 28, 2021.
“SCPN Spotlight: Jerilyn Lopez Mendoza on Climate Activism and Making Space for Self-Care”
By Kortni Washington. Climate XChange. October 27, 2021.
“How to Reduce Eco-Anxiety and Make Positive Change”
By Ilan Kelman. Psychology Today. October 25, 2021.
“Glacier Funerals Offer a Way of Coping with Ecological Grief”
By Sasha Starovoitov. Columbia Climate School. September 24, 2021.
“How to Help Kids with Eco-Anxiety When 'Fire Season' Is A Thing
By Brianne Hogan. She Knows. September 21, 2021.
“Specters of Sorrow: Eco-Grief, Ambiguous Loss, and Religious Creativity”
By Jacob J. Erickson. Counterpoint Knowledge. June 24, 2021.
“Why Emotionally Intelligent Climate Work Matters”
By Britt Wray. Gen Dread. January 6, 2021.