Below you will find a list of upcoming events in the field of Religion & Ecology. If you wish your event to appear in our events listing, please send a message to our webmaster via the Contact Form.  We also offer an archive of past events in the field from 1999 to the present.

The Forum has also hosted many conferences in the past 20+ years. Information on some of those events can be found in the right-hand menu.

Upcoming Event Listings (for listings of past events, visit the archives.)

Radical Adaptation for Faith Leaders: Creating Community Sanctuaries

November 14-28, 2023

Online on Wednesdays at 2pm ET

Hosted by Black Mountains College


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American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting

November 18–21, 2023

San Antonio, TX, USA

Register here...

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The Great Work: Meeting Thomas Berry Again for the First Time

December 1-2, 2023

With Kevin Cawley and Kathleen Deignan

Thomas Berry Place
86-45 Edgerton Boulevard
Jamaica, NY, USA


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11th International Conference on Peace and Nonviolent Action (11th ICPNA)

January 5-8, 2024
Mumbai, India

Theme: Only Nonviolence can Guarantee World Peace and Environmental Sustainability

Anuvrat Global Organization (ANUVIBHA)
a transnational centre for peace and sustainability associated with UN-DGC

Anuvibha Jaipur...

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Earth Charter Conference 2024

April 12-14, 2024

Rollins College
Winter Park, FL, USA

Theme: “Reimaging Education...

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Alternative Spiritualities of Celebration, Resistance, and Accountability: Engaging Our Colonial and Decolonial Contexts

April 24-27, 2024 (date is tentative)

Hosted by Harvard Divinity School’s Program for the Evolution of Spirituality...

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