Yamuna River Conference, 2011

Yale - TERI Workshop on the Yamuna River

“Yamuna River: A Confluence of Waters, A Crisis of Need”

January 3-5, 2011
TERI University, Delhi, India
Radha Raman Temple, Vrindaban, India
Sponsored by:
TERI University
Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology
Sri Radha Raman Temple


Workshop Proposal
By Mary Evelyn Tucker, John Grim, and George James


Workshop Schedule

Workshop Participants

Yamuna River Declaration Resulting from Workshop



Papers for Workshop

Current condition of the Yamuna River - an overview of flow, pollution load and human use
By Deepshikha Sharma and Arun Kansal, TERI University

The status and effects of the Yamuna Action Plan (YAP)
By Deepshikha Sharma and Arun Kansal

How Long is the Life of Yamuna-ji?
By David Haberman

The Yamuna: Recapturing the Connection
By Christopher Key Chapple

The Role of Interdisciplinary and Values-based Approaches to Conserving our Rivers
By Bidisha Kumar

Religion, Science, and Education: A Statement for Discussion
By George A. James

Social movements & saving rivers: What can be learned from the Narmada?
By Harry Blair, Yale University

Models of development – a preliminary inquiry in a Hindu context
Statement of Context
By Ramakrishnan Sitaraman



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Header photo: On the Yamuna ©George James