The Eightfold Path of Sustainability

By Gabriel Durham
Buddhistdoor Global
December 22, 2022

Even if one has never studied the Dharma, mindful work in the sustainability sector over the last decade or three carries many powerful teachings of Buddhism. Among these teachings are the impermanence of our world—in both natural and economic systems—and the interdependency of all phenomenon, from ocean algae to the internal combustion engine. Indeed (and most of all) a lesson that comes from work in sustainability is that of the need for greater compassion amid the escalating threats we all face.
As my work and practice have overlapped these past few years, it has occurred to me that much of what the eco/sustainability/resiliency movement(s) have been trying to accomplish overlap greatly with the teachings of the Noble Eightfold Path. Following this idea into history a bit, I have found that the Noble Eightfold Path can be used as a helpful structure to guide not only individuals, but institutions in how to accomplish similar lasting change in this thing we call sustainability.

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