The Climate Crisis is a Spiritual Crisis

By Anna K. Del Castillo and Maya Pace
The Harvard Crimson
April 6, 2023

Climate action is often discussed through a lens of policy, science, and infrastructure, especially here at Harvard. These interventions are, of course, essential, yet climate change asks more of us. Acknowledging our impact on the earth demands that we contend with bigger questions like: What is the role of people on this earth? How do we care for each other during increasingly challenging times? How do we live well, live sustainably, treat the land and its species as sacred? How do we find strength and courage to walk forward with an open heart in the face of devastation?

These are the questions we ask as we look at red skies and wonder if our loved ones have clean water to drink. The grief, disorientation, and despair of these moments will find healing in community and spiritual care. If we spend more time responding to these questions, just maybe our planet will heal too.

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