Renowned Thinkers to Explore Our Cosmic Journey to GaiaSelf in Free Online Summit

Gaiarcadia Summit
April 1, 2024

On Sunday 21 April, 2024 listeners are invited to join a free webinar featuring some of the world’s foremost thinkers exploring the concept of Our Cosmic Journey to GaiaSelf. Organized by Gaiarcadia Academy, this event will feature a lineup of distinguished speakers including cosmologist Prof. Brian Swimme author of Cosmogenesis: An Unveiling of the Expanding Universe, evolutionary biologist Prof. Elisabet Sahtouris, author of Gaia’s Dance: the Story of Earth & Us, philosopher Prof. Sean Kelly, author of Becoming Gaia: On the Threshold of Planetary Initiation, and Dr Zhiwa Woodbury, author of Gaian rEvolution: Entering & Shaping the Gaianthropocene, and more.

The session, which runs for 4.0 hours starting from 6:40 AM AWST (8:40 AM AEST) [Sat. 3:40 PM PDT], will kick off with a welcome by Dr. Janelle Trees, a descendent of the Dhanggati clan from Walcha in NSW. Professors Mary E. Tucker, Brian Swimme, Elisabet Sahtouris, Sean Kelly, Freya Mathews, Alexander Laszlo and Dr Zhiwa Woodbury will delve into topics such as the Cosmogenesis of the Gaiasphere, Gaian ecosophy for the awakening of humanity, and the birth of the Gaianthropocene.

The session will conclude with a panel discussion, which promises to be entertaining, thought-provoking and memorable for all attendees.

The free event is part of the 2-day Gaiarcadia Online Summit sponsored by Whole Life Times Attendees will be given a free subscription to the online publication, an e-journal of holistic health & sustainable living.

Listeners can register for the 4.0-hour free webinar at https://gs24register or

For more information about the speakers and the event, visit and

Contact: Denis McCarthy, Convenor on 0404 020 242 or for more MEDIA/PRESS information.