Reducing our carbon footprint is a way of loving others

By Betsy Painter
Yale Divinity School 
April 28, 2022

The snowy poles of Planet Earth depict the winsomely powerful glory of Creator God. Vast, open spaces, white and downy, gleam at the touch of the sun’s light. Narwhals’ horns emerge out of cracks in the ice when they come up for air, and arctic foxes scurry and jump headfirst into pillowy snow. The blizzards are an untamed force, and the ice is a strong fortress.

The frozen poles appear almost otherworldly to us, but they are intimately intertwined with our ordinary lives, down to the wind we feel on our skin. Most of us don’t live near the earth’s poles, but wherever we live, we are connected to the polar realms by the climate.

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