It’s time we all discovered Great Salt Lake’s sacred significance

The Great Salt Lake Interfaith Action Coalition
The Salt Lake Tribune
January 7, 2024

In 2009, members of Utah’s diverse religious communities developed a statement in which they wrote, “Despite differences in the beliefs and practices that define our traditions, we share a common experience and conviction that wilderness is a place of profound spiritual inspiration, renewal, connection and nourishment. The astounding beauty, utter vastness and enveloping silence of wild places awaken our sense of awe and connect us to something larger than ourselves — God, Allah, the Divine, spirit, the unnameable mystery of life.”

Building on this effort, some of these same communities formed the Great Salt Lake Interfaith Action Coalition (GSLIAC) in 2022. Our purpose is to “take action together to save Great Salt Lake while respecting each of our unique spiritual and faith-based traditions.”

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