Islam’s Environmental Spirit: Working for Climate and Environmental Justice

By Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) Green Initiative Team: Huda Alkaff, Saffet Catovic, Nana Firman, Uzma Mirza and S. Masroor Shah (Chair)
Islamic Horizons
November/December 2023

The ISNA Green Initiative Team continues to reach out, build relationships, and collaborate to educate everyone about Islam’s environmental justice teachings to address the multi-level climate crisis. Here are some of our recent efforts that promise to move forward, especially toward celebrating our tenth year in service in 2024.

The team continues partnerships with several organizations, among them Wisconsin Green Muslims (WGM); the Chicago Muslims Green Team (CMGT); Faithfully Sustainable (FS); the Association of Muslim Scientists, Engineers, and Technology Professionals (AMSET); the Islamic Medical Association of North America (IMANA), the Pen and Inkpot Foundation and GreenFaith (GF). We appreciate their collaboration.

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