Indigenous People’s Knowledge, Insight Needed to Address Global Climate Crisis, Speakers Stress, as Permanent Forum Opens Session

United Nations
April 17, 2023

The knowledge and insight of Indigenous People must be harnessed to address the global climate crisis, speakers told the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues today, as it opened its twenty-second session amidst observations that such People’s participation must be enhanced, and their rights protected if the international community is to enjoy the benefit of their custodial experience in tackling these existential challenges.

Tadodaho Sid Hill, Chief of the Onondaga Nation, opening the meeting with a traditional ceremonial welcome, offered thanks for the Earth, the wind, the thunder, the sun and the moon — all that was put here for the people of the world.  He then urged the Forum to “put our minds together kindly and respectfully and, as one, give thanks to the Creator so we can be at peace and contentment as we walk about here on Earth”.

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