In Kinship: Introducing Atmos Volume 09

By Willow Defebaugh
June 21, 2024

Atmos Volume 09: Kinship surveys family, biodiversity, symbiosis, and conservation—a collection of stories that remind us that we exist in a web of relationships. While it has branched out in many directions, the tree of life ties all organisms together. In order to minimize the ecological crises and biodiversity loss we are experiencing around the planet, we will need to embrace holistic wisdom and shift from an anthropocentric worldview to one that elevates all human and nonhuman life to a place of equal importance.

This is a core tenet of spiritual ecology, as discussed by four scholars of the subject in “The Soul of the Earth.” As Mary Evelyn Tucker of the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology writes in the story’s introduction: “So we hold to the promise of new and ancient sensibilities arising…Will these aspects of cosmological and ecological spiritualities be sufficient to sustain us in these chaotic times? The yearning is clear, the hunger is great, a transformation is still possible. But it will require a massive infusion of spiritual energy to break through.”

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