How to Become an Ally for Indigenous-Led Conservation

By Lindsey Botts
Sierra Club
December 21, 2022

Canada is showcasing how important Indigenous-led efforts are to meeting conservation goals

Iconic wild places in North America, like Yellowstone in the United States and Banff in Canada, make up a small percentage of land area. But it’s critical that we protect these wild places to prevent species decline. Wildlife need connections, and they need corridors to thrive.

Enter Indigenous-led conservation, a priority of the new Global Biodiversity Framework forged in Montreal. Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, conveyed its importance for his country at the beginning of the summit when he announced C$800 million over the next seven years for Indigenous conservation projects, and the minister of environment and climate change, Steven Guilbeault, met with tribal members to designate new Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas throughout the country.

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