How do cosmology and Confucianism resonate?

By Mary Evelyn Tucker
Special: W.E. Talk
March 11, 2022

The concept of evolution is still a new idea. We humans are trying to absorb what this is and what it means to us. Evolution is one of the most remarkable discoveries of modern science over many decades of research. The theory of biological evolution as first presented by Charles Darwin in his book, On the Origin of Species, is only 160 years old. Similarly, the idea of cosmic evolution as discovered by 20th century scientists is only slowly being understood by a broad public.

Before we can find our way back home in the universe, we need to embrace evolution as an unfolding process woven through with creativity. With careful reflection, we can see ourselves as part of a dynamic integrated whole: cosmos, Earth, and humans. Confucianism in particular with its “continuity of being” is an invaluable bridge for humans trying to situate themselves in a larger sense of universe and Earth.

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