How A Major Tar Sands Pipeline Project Threatens Indigenous Land Rights

By Will Parrish
Huffington Post
May 15, 2022

Much of the Trans Mountain pipeline’s route lies within the territory of the Secwepemc Nation, which has never relinquished its land to the Canadian government by treaty, land sale, or surrender.

Near the banks of the North Thompson River in British Columbia, about 400 miles northeast of Vancouver, the Tiny House Warriors village announces itself with a hand-painted sign attached to wooden stakes: “Unceded Secwepemc Territory.” The area is quiet and remote, with tall stands of spruce and cedar forming part of the world’s largest inland temperate rainforest. At the entrance to the village, a pile of logs creates a makeshift barricade. Beyond it, a cluster of five small wood-framed homes sit on trailers, their walls decorated with colorful murals depicting elements of the Secwepemc people’s history and culture.

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