Funding the Earth’s keepers: The need for Indigenous climate philanthropy

By Chase DiBenedetto 
May 4, 2023

The Indigenous Earth Fund re-envisions what environmental charity looks like — and who is empowered to foster healing.

Amid a cacophony of proposed solutions and doomsday naysayers flailing to address a growing climate crisis, Indigenous voices are being uplifted over the din by a wave of grant funding dedicated to healing both the Earth and the wounds of colonialism.

“We're presenting a new way to do philanthropy — 'indigenizing philanthropy,' so to speak — so that both practices and the amount of resources change,” explained Edgar Villanueva, founder of the Decolonizing Wealth Project(opens in a new tab), author of the “Money as Medicine(opens in a new tab)” guided journal, and creator of the “7 Steps to Healing(opens in a new tab)” giving framework.

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