For this Jewish surf camp in Virginia, the beach is their sanctuary

By Jacob Gurvis
The Jerusalem Post
August 19, 2023

The camp’s approach to spirituality enhances campers’ connection to both their Judaism and to the ocean.

They began by singing the Jewish prayer “Mah Tovu”, mashed up with the hymn “Sanctuary.” Then after a brief introduction from camp director Danny Mishkin, who explained the concept of “b’tselem elohim,” the idea that people are created in God’s image, campers took turns sharing what gifts they bring to their community.

Such is the dual mission of Sababa Beachaway, a Jewish overnight campin Virginia Beach that specializes in ocean education and exploration through a Jewish lens. The camp offers four focus areas — surfing, sailing, scuba diving and an education track called “ocean discovery” — on top of typical camp activities and Jewish programming and prayer.

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