Food Matters: Growing Relationships through Indigenous Food Sovereignty

Jesuit Forum for Social Faith and Justice
Open Space, Vol. 13, no. 4
June 2021

Food Sovereignty seeks to revalue, rebuild, learn from, and celebrate Indigenous food systems. In February 2021, the Jesuit Forum hosted a webinar with Dawn Morrison, Secwépemc founder of the Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty (BC); Clifford Paul, Mi’kmaq Moose Management Coordinator at Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources(NS); and Isaac Crosby, Chippewa Lead Hand in Urban Agriculture atEvergreen Toronto (ON).

This issue of OpenSpace, drawing on our conversation in February, celebrates the resurgence of Indigenous food systems and food sovereignty and how these teach us, once again, that another world is indeed possible—a world where we share what is needed, where traditional knowledge is valued, and where we ensure that all living beings can flourish and live well.

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