Environmental Protection: Faiths Matter

By Paul Ade Silva and İbrahim Özdemir
Journal Academic Marketing Mysticism Online (JAMMO)
Vol 12, Part 44, pp. 679-693
Issue 1, July 2021

PAS: We begin the interview with questions relating to your paper, A COMMON CARE FOR CREATION: SAID NURSI AND POPE FRANCIS ON ENVIRONMENT (Özdemir, 2020) that was published in October last year. Given the inter-faith framework for your comparison between Said NURSI and Pope Francis, what would you consider to be your deeper sensibility when you were writing the article?

İÖ: Thank you very much for interviewing me on an important topic, well, I have been working on environmental thought for more than three decades. Earlier, I also attended a panel discussion on “Pope John Paul II’s Contribution to Interreligious Dialogue” at Parliament of the World’s Religions, Barcelona, Spain, July 10, 2004”. (Özdemir,2012)

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