Entering Tree Time: Notes On Trees

By Jess Jones
Yale Forest Forum
February 22, 2022

Trees are ancient beings. Their histories stretch over 300 million years into the past, and our human ancestors’ descent from their branches is a comparatively recent affair. Trees witness Earth changes beyond our comprehension. What might trees have learned in their hundreds of millions of years on terra firma, and what can we learn from them? Authors Peter Wohlleben (The Hidden Life of Trees), Sumana Roy (How I Became a Tree), and Jessica J. Lee (Two Trees Make a Forest) discussed this and more with our moderator, Co-founder and Director of the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology Mary Evelyn Tucker, in the webinar On Trees. Together, we considered trees as philosophical, spiritual, and relational guides.

Over 4,000 people registered to attend the event. On Trees is the second webinar of its series hosted by The Forest School at the Yale School of the Environment(link is external), the Yale Forest Forum, Orion Magazine(link is external), Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology(link is external), and Yale Environmental Humanities. The series celebrates the recent release of Orion’s anthology Old Growth.

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