Climate action is a matter of faith

By Huda Alkaff
Wisconsin Examiner
July 14, 2021

We must look out for one another and to leave a habitable world for future generations

Low-wealth communities and communities of color are most vulnerable to pollution and the impacts of climate change, suffering from skewed rates of asthma and respiratory ailments as a result. To make matters even worse, these communities were hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic, both in terms of illness, death, and economic fallout.

In March, President Joe Biden unveiled a bold infrastructure package to help solve these connected challenges — health, climate, justice and jobs — by investing in pollution-free, efficient renewable energy, transportation, infrastructure and new and innovative technologies. The plan would also ensure that at least 40% of the benefits of all these investments go to those communities that have traditionally been overburdened by pollution, while putting millions of people back to work.

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