‘It’s a powerful feeling’: the Indigenous American tribe helping to bring back buffalo

By Matt Krupnick
The Guardian
February 20, 2022

The Rosebud Sioux nation in South Dakota aims to build the largest Indigenous owned herd to help food security and restore the land.

A trio of bison has gathered around a fourth animal’s carcass, and Jimmy Doyle is worried.

“I really hope we’re not on the brink of some disease outbreak,” said Doyle, who manages the Wolakota Buffalo Range here in a remote corner of south-western South Dakota in one of the country’s poorest counties. The living bison sidle away as Doyle inspects the carcass, which is little more than skin and bones after coyotes have scavenged it.

“It’s a powerful feeling bringing our relatives home….If our buffalo nation is healthy, we’re healthy.”

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