NYC Climate Week & March to End Fossil Fuels

Tara C. Trapani

NYC Climate Week begins in just a few days and runs from September 17-24. Though there is unfortunately almost no expressly religious content, there are quite a few sessions that concern ecojustice, Indigenous issues, eco-anxiety, and other related topics. So, below we highlight some of the sessions and events that we thought might be of interest to Forum followers. This list is not comprehensive by any means, as the offerings during this event are quite abundant! See the calendar on the official website for a searchable list of every official event. In addition, many NY & NJ organizations are hosting side events to coincide with climate week. See their websites for more information. 

The week will kick off with the March to End Fossil Fuels at 1pm EST this Sunday, September 17. The March will begin at 56th & Broadway. Many NY & NJ organizations, such as Waterspirit and Riverkeeper, will march as groups. Again, see their websites for further information. 

Some of the climate week events are in-person only (and in-person events happen all over the greater NYC area–see sesssion description for details), but many are hybrid or virtual and accessible online from anywhere in the world. We've indicated which each is below. Virtual registration can be found here. Also see the registration link within each individual session. 




Other ecojustice-related sessions 

One interesting aspect of this year's climate week is the appearance of some intriguing sessions on story and narrative that have the feel of what was brought up by Brit Wray on Day 1 of the RITA Summit: transformational adaptation, where we can individually and collectively imagine the future and bring it into being. A few sessions related to that theme:

And there are also many intriguing events related to the arts. Here are a few that caught my eye:

We hope this listing will help you gain greater benefit from NYC Climate Week, no matter whew you are in the world. See the searchable calendar for many more events.