Engaged Projects Spotlight: Native Hope

Tara C. Trapani


Today, we'd like to highlight an Indigenous engaged project in the United States called Native Hope. Native Hope works on the ground with Indigenous communities and seeks to educate on the history of Indigenous in the United States, on the injustices experienced by tribes and individuals, and against cultural stereotypes of Indigenous Americans. Their main mission is to provide Hope to Indigenous and uplift the voices of all. They do this largely through the sharing of “Stories of Hope” in their blog and podcast, Hope Reports on their YouTube channel, and directly providing support and assistance to communities, where needed. Their misson is far-reaching and not exclusively environmental–much of their work is in the area of MMIW (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women). Given that Hope is our blog theme for 2023, we couldn't help but share the uplifting work and energy of this organization. 

From the Native Hope site:
Over the course of two centuries in North America, there was a near genocide of Native American peoples and their way of life. Now, the unhealed wounds of this genocide continue to affect the health and prosperity of Native communities across the continent. It is time for a healing of these historical wounds and a restoration of trust. Native Hope is a resource that helps Native communities meet their needs. We talk with community members, listen to their challenges, and partner with tribal entities to find solutions—in a unified effort to dismantle barriers, empower leaders, and give hope for a promising tomorrow. We respect the sovereignty of Native nations. Their leaders and communities know what is best for their people. Today, despite limited funding, tribes are working to rebuild a strong foundation and achieve sustainability. These resilient people are on a journey of rediscovery and healing.

Here is some of the environmentally-related content you'll find on their website and channels:

Articles and Blog posts:
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The Rainbow Warrior
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How the destruction of the Buffalo (tatanka) impacted Native Americans
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The Voice of a Generation: Bobbi Jean Three Legs: Part 1, Part 2

Podcast episodes: 
Season 1, Episode 7: Kevin M. Madalena Part 1, Part 2
Kevin M. Madelena is geologist and paleontologist from the Jemez Pueblo Nation. He works currently in the area of environmental justice for the Bears Ears National Monument with the Utah Dine Bikeyah as a Community Outreach and Field Researcher.

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