Religion to the Rescue, featuring Brian McLaren & Mary Evelyn Tucker

Tara C. Trapani

This Sunday, September 18 at 6pm EST, please join us for the inaugural episode of Religion to the Rescue: a Show of Good FaithThis first episode will feature Brian McLaren and Mary Evelyn Tucker and will be aired as one of the plenary sessions for Peace Week 2022. Other Peace Week plenaries include Vandana Shiva, Deepak’s Chopra, and many others. 

From the event site:
In this time of critical call to personal and global transformation, what is the role and value of religion? Religion to the Rescue: a Show of Good Faith is an initiative of UNITY EARTH – a global network on a mission to accelerate the realization of unity and peace on Earth. Religion to the Rescue is a series of Zoomcasts in which leading spiritual and religious thought-leaders and activists will be interviewed. The overall aim is to explore how we can come together to respond to current crises – and to reflect on the role of religion in doing so. These discussions will cover a wide variety of topics. Program hosts are Ben Bowler and Patrick Carolan.

Our World is in trouble. Amidst the multifaceted disasters and challenges, the postmodern world generally takes a dim, critical view of “Religion.” It is often seen as a big part of the problem - archaic, controlling, superstitious and culpable. Religion is viewed as contributing to unrest between differing groups as well as being ruinous to indigenous cultures around the world. It is seen by many as a retrograde force of destruction. What if rather than focusing on these accusations, we take a position that this is only half the picture. There is a largely untold aspect to the story, where Religion connects, heals, uplifts and transforms. Religion to the Rescue will focus on this important untold side of the story. We will not be defending religion, in all its forms, from the many accusations against it, but rather highlighting the truth, beauty and goodness that it aspires to and inspires. Religion to the Rescue takes a non-sectarian, interfaith, interspiritual, intergenerational and intercultural approach. We believe that good religion, healthy religion has an important part to play as we navigate our way through the ecological, social, economic, political and spiritual challenges of our times. We invite you to join us as we explore these themes together.

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