Joseph Wiebe and Kimberly Carfore on the Future of Religion and Ecology

Sam Mickey

impressionistic image of people in a grassy field

This is the beginning of the third year of Spotlights, the podcast for the Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology. This new beginning intersects with another new beginning: the Religion and Ecology unit of the American Academy of Religion has two new co-chairs, Joseph Wiebe, PhD, and Kimberly Carfore, PhD. In this episode, they both reflect on the past, present, and future of the academic field and activist force of religion and ecology. We talk about the success of previous chairs and others who have contributed to the field, especially with reference to the recent leadership of Rev. Dr. Christopher Carter. We also discuss some ways that the field of religion and ecology is opening to decolonial perspectives.

You can watch the episode below or listen to it here.

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