Spotlights on Eco-Justice

Sam Mickey

A recurring theme on many episodes of Spotlights is environmental justice or eco-justice. We have been fortunate to interview pioneers in environmental justice, like Carl Anthony and Dr. Paloma Pavel, who articulate the cosmological context for environmental justice with an inspiring vision of the place of humans in an evolving universe and Earth community. We have also interviewed members of the next generation of scholars and activists engaging with environmental justice, like Rev. Dr. Christopher Carter, whose work focuses on justice in our relationships with food and animals.

You can watch or listen to their episodes below.

An archive of previous episodes can be found here, with audio versions here and anywhere podcasts are available (e.g., Apple Podcast, Spotify, Pandora, etc.).

Carl Anthony (audio available here)



Paloma Pavel, PhD (audio available here)



Rev. Christopher Carter, PhD (audio available here)